I’m going to share with you my favourite outfit, it’s something I have discovered that works for work as well as Sunday lunch or grocery shopping, well anything really because it is a great balance between professional and fun. The T-shirt and Pencil skirt is a strange concept to wrap your head around because T-shirts are casual and usually paired with jeans while a pencil skirt is for work and is never seen as relaxed. So it’s like you are saying more than one thing in just one outfit.

Street Style Trend | T-Shirts and Pencil Skirts

Street Style Trend | T-Shirts and Pencil Skirts

Plus I really love this trend for Cape Town and it’s unpredictable wind, because I love skirts and dresses but never seem comfortable in it due to having too many ‘Marilyn Moments’ so the pencil skirt is so simple, comfortable and non-flash proof.

Will you be trying it out this Summer Season?

Image Credits : Flare.com and StyleSociety

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