4Elements Media – 5 Minutes with Kumari Govender

4Elements Media spent 5 minutes getting to know me better. Here are a few unedited excerpts from my interview with 4Elements Media, have a look at the full interview published here

I love turning off on the weekends. Saturdays are for chill. My Saturday mornings are usually spent on the couch enjoying a cup of tea and extra cuddles with my pugs.


I share a deep connection with India and would love to visit and experience the culture and rich heritage. It will be spiritually refreshing to my soul.


I have an obsession for numbers. This probably comes as no surprise considering my project management background. I have rigorous spreadsheets for everything.


Love your work. Persevere. Stay focused. And be authentic.


You have to be a believer and a dreamer to get that big success. It is what’s in your mind that dictates your results

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