A Conscientious Shopper

I am very conscientious about ‘buying less and using more’. And when supporting brands authenticity, values, ethical production and transparency are extremely important to me. I firmly believe that as conscious consumers, we can transform the fast fashion industry.

I embrace my bespoke pieces over ready-to-wear, store bought any day. And the global Style Cognoscenti seem to share my savvy way of shopping for clothes, as budget-conscious bespoke and made-to-measure is becoming the most sought after.

Here I am wearing a bespoke piece by one of my favourite SA designers Tsotetsi KL

A Conscientious Shopper
A Conscientious Shopper

Style Tip:
The number one insider Style Tip and game changer in the fashion world is ‘Alteration’.

Every style maven needs to find a good tailor and ask for advice. He or she is the best friend of any style superstar. Have your pants dropped at the waist for a slinkier silhouette; adjust jackets so that they look made to order by hemming sleeves at your wrist bone.

And we are redefining garment shaping by taking out pockets of pants or skirts for a more streamlined snug silhouette. Designer-dressmakers and contemporary tailors have become the ultimate personal luxury offering next level craftsmanship and quality.

Find a good tailor by asking a trusted stylist or contact your local boutique. Custom tailoring is part of the styling service options I offer to all my top-tier Style Concierge clients. If you’re looking for a bespoke showstopper piece, please do get in touch.

As always, I’m here and available if you need some styling advice.

To your elegance and eloquence!

Yours in Style,
XK @stylesocietysa

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