Escentric Molecules Molecule 01 by master perfumier Geza Schoen

Escentric Molecules – The Cutting Edge of Fragrance Chemistry

The flacon is not pretentious. It is delicate, chic and sophisticated. By eschewing any hint of luxe golden or feminine pink, the creators draw attention by piquing the curiosity. What can possible make this steel and slate repository magical? But oh, you need to try out at least one spritz to understand the potency of its charm! I am a woman who likes exclusivity. I love being the first to sport a fashion trend or to denounce one that doesn’t really flatter. I do not live by the edicts of the grand prophetesses of the annals of sartorial excellence. I am a free spirited individual. And at long last, I have met my match.


All Bow To The Squareletto

If you are a fashion maven and understand your basics of eternal ramp glory, you will never ditch your stiletto heels. Even at the threat of sartorial ostracism! There is just something powerful and sensual about towering over the world and not heeding the consequences! Am I right or right? But where nails are concerned, […]

27Pinkx Luxury Makeup Organizer

Amp up your makeup organisation efforts

This piece is for all the capricious mavens out there who just can’t be satisfied with brand monogamy. Despite my perennial fascination with the exotic offerings of Coco Chanel, I do find myself indulging in Givenchy and Elizabeth Arden as well. Guilty pleasures right? Well, thanks to my substantial investments in objects of desire, I have collected […]



Let me be the first to admit my guilt! Where high-end hair care is concerned, I can’t stop my overactive imagination from waxing eloquent. And it was love at first curl with this latest offering from ghd. The promos have it right. A beautiful visage….a wild party with wilder shenanigans and the cascade of golden […]