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The Satorialist | Denim

What does it take to create a typical pair of Levi’s 501 jeans? Approximately 1.6 meters of denim, 195 meters of thread, 5 buttons, 6 rivets, and 37 separate sewing operations.

Denim. This garment in your wardrobe has the biggest carbon foot print. “It takes around 1,800 gallons of water to grow enough cotton to produce just one pair of regular ol’ blue jeans” written on TreeHugger. That is about 6840 litres of water!

A jeans survey in South Africa says ” When it comes to jeans, it seems one pair is not enough for most of our respondents. Across the nine markets surveyed, 31% of people own three or four pairs of jeans and another 29% own from five to 10 pairs.”

I understand denims are a staple, I own 5pairs = 2 black pairs, 1 grey and 2 indigo(one of which is shorts) and I like the style and cut of all of them, but the black pairs are looking rather drab. Now before you think you need a new pair of black jeans because yours has faded, why not take a more eco route and re-dye your jeans.

The Sartorialist | Denim
The Sartorialist | Denim

How to Care for Denim



  • Read the care instructions on the inside tag of the jeans
  • Turn them inside out before washing
  • Wash in cold water on ‘delicates’ cycle or hand wash
  • Dry clean (yeah, some people do this, especially for dark jeans)
  • Dry flat or hang dry upside down
  • Wash with Woolite or another gentle detergent
  • If you have to dry them in the dryer, do it on the lowest heat setting


  • Wash in hot water
  • Dry them in the dryer
  • Wash them after every wear


Image Credit : The Sartorialist


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    I think that I have to disagree with a point:

    – hang dry upside down – I find hanging my denim the right side up, it 1. Dries quicker 2. Colour doesn’t wash out unevenly.

    PS I’ve got lotsa denims 😉

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