Haute Pink | American Apparel's Leather Mini Skirt

Haute Trend | American Apparel’s Leather Mini Skirt

American Apparel is an international online store that simplifies fashion trends into key basic and not-so-basic pieces. One of their trendy pieces right now is their leather mini skirt.

It’s so hot right!? It’s like something Betty Paige would wear, so pin-up and a little SNM. And how amazing have they styled it too, like you could really wear it to work, grocery shopping and a night on the town… Well I would.

I adore the nude and pastel pink leather mini’s because it seems to look more chic and not so vavavoom. Yet the black is so classic and as seen below it can be dressed casual cool to sexy vixen.

So now that you know that’s in for next summer (2013/2014) would you buy a pair and…

Would you wear this to the office? [Click here to SHOP this TREND at ZANDO NOW]

Image Credit: AmericanApparel.net

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    Mandz Magwaxaza

    I am definitely rocking this trend next season! with the right opaque tights and feminine blouse; I would definitely rock this look at work! one just needs to be super cautious about layering properly for the office! LOVING IT!

  • Cape Town Fashion via Facebook

    Shann Wentz yes I understand the sound of a leather skirt sounds trashy but if you look at how it’s styled in our blog post you’d see how classy and cool it can look. And yeah the shorts are cool too but last season though 😉

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    Shann Wentz via Facebook

    Hmmm if I worked at Mavericks yes! Lol JK. Uhm, I would wear the shorts version for play…

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    Kumari Govender (@CapeTownFashion)

    Haute Trend | American Apparel’s Leather Mini Skirt http://t.co/qd3jBezu #FashionBlog #FashionTrends

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