How to 'heart' many blog posts

How your ‘hearts’ can help us

How to 'heart' on blog posts
How to ‘heart’ on blog posts

All you amazing readers inspire us to be innovative and relevant with our content but we would like to delve a little deeper into what you would ♥LOVE♥ to see more of on StyleSociety. You might not ♥LOVE♥ everything we post (which is perfectly acceptable), so to get a better idea of what you do ♥LOVE♥ we have introduced our ‘♥Hearting♥’ feature.

Show us some love on a blog post by clicking on the grey heart.

When you do, it will turn red. 

We would dearly appreciate it if you could heart♥ what you like.

What I love about our ‘♥Hearting♥’ feature is that it won’t reflect on your Facebook wall or Twitter timeline so no one will know what you’ve ‘hearted’ except you. We would see your hearts in numbers on our blog posts.

Our ‘♥Hearting♥’ feature can be used when you access our blog via your cellphone or ipad as well.

Your ♥LOVE♥ for a post will help us establish what you would like to see more of on StyleSociety.

And if you love it all, just quickly click the ‘grey hearts’ while you’re in the post or on our homepage (it’s just so easy to ‘heart’ it all)

So pretty please, give this blog post a heart and we’ll keep on bringing you fab content!

How to Heart many posts on the Homepage
How to ‘heart’ many posts on the Homepage

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