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Celebrities have personal stylists and so can YOU!…


Kumari Govender – Image Stylist & Etiquette Consultant

Cape Town, South Africa – January 15, 2009 – Celebrities have personal stylists and so can YOU! Get professional style advice in a friendly and affordable one-on-one session. Kumari Govender and her Style Team can help you create a whole new look or refresh your current look to include this season’s hottest trends. All on a budget, off course. Whether you need a style makeover, a total wardrobe revamp or an updated look, Kumari can get it done quickly and with style.

Kumari Luxury Boutique
Kumari Luxury Boutique

Personal Branding:
This service begins with the client assessment form which outlines your lifestyle needs. During this consultation, Kumari can define your personal style, determine your body shape, and identify clothing and accessories best suited to your body shape and style. Proper fit, tailoring and shopping tips for building a core wardrobe are discussed. A personalized Style Plan is presented to you within 7 days.
Basic Style Plan: R 3 500
Comprehensive Style Plan: R5 500

Wardrobe Weed:
Kumari examines all the clothing and accessories in your existing wardrobe to determine what is appropriate to your defined image and style. Then she helps you identify and purge those items from past identity confusion. The purge aspect literally and figuratively provides open space for new possibilities. After that, she draws a list of items needed to build a core wardrobe that is 100% “you at your best”. And finally, she organizes your closet to allow effectively you to access your wardrobe and get dressed with ease. Materials such as hangers, clear shoe boxes and various storage containers can be purchased and installed at an additional cost after the closet has been assessed.
Approximately R5 500 (conditions apply)

Personal Shopper:
The Personal Shopping Service takes the guesswork out of where to shop, what to shop for and how much money to spend. This personal shopping service saves you time and money because Kumari pre-selects the items prior to the consultation. This is a very well planned and structured process whereby Kumari tries to maximise your existing wardrobe by complementing with new versatile purchases.

She makes shopping quick, easy and cost-effective by:
Pre-selecting clothing and accessories to your specifications, personal style and budget.
Broadening your existing wardrobe.
Maximizing the impact of your clothing expense and creating multiple outfit variations.
Choosing stores and brands that enable you to create a distinct look that reflects your own style, compliments your body type, and is age and occasion appropriate.

Kumari strongly advises taking advantage of the Style Plan and Wardrobe Weed prior to the Personal Shopping service. This allows you to discover your true style, capitalize on your current clothing, and build a wardrobe that reaps success

Consultations including a comprehensive Style Plan: R8 500
Kumari recommends a minimum budget of R10 000 for Personal Shopping. Kumari also provides the option for her clients to use their store account cards at major retail stores.

Customised packages are available. All services by Appointment only.

Kumari Govender
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