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Impressive Volume Shampoo | Kadus Professional

I recently coloured my hair red so when I received this Kadus products I was so ready to use them when I got home. Home to Joburg that is where my hair tends to get heavy by the roots and frizzy everywhere!

So lucky me got a winning combination of Impressive Volume Shampoo and Color Radiance Conditioning Spray.

Impressive Volume Shampoo | Kadus Professional
Impressive Volume Shampoo | Kadus Professional

The fine print states that the Impressive Volume Shampoo is for thin, fine hair but I tried it anyway and I felt that it helped lift my hair. If you love the subtle scent of lemongrass and bamboo then you’ll probably adore this easy-to-pop-open product, oh and might I add it foams up so nicely so you really feel like it’s working.

Color Radiance Conditioning Spray | Kadus Professional
Color Radiance Conditioning Spray | Kadus Professional

While the Color Radiance Conditioning Spray was a little new for me, as I don’t like ‘leave in’ products. I will admit the first few times I sprayed this tropical mix of passion fruit & orange peel lipids in my hair it was way too many times and it left my hair heavy so I would recommend 1 spray for short hair, 2 for medium hair and max 3 sprays for long hair. Be sure to spray the tips and a little on the scalp as your hair colour can be most affected on top by the sun, I would work it up as I massage it in.

Both of these products were wonderful as they smelt good and worked too and if you don’t believe me seeing as it’s made in Germany, I doubt they are wrong either.

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