The Universe Cannot Resist Authenticity

STYLE SOCIETY® is a Registered Trademark

Darlings, it’s official…! The Universe does not resist authenticity! STYLE SOCIETY® is a Registered Trademark in South Africa 

Date of registration: 15-Feb-2017

It is almost four years since I submitted an application to the South African Companies and Intellectual Property Commission (CIPC) to have Style Society trademarked. In theory the registration process is meant to take 18 months, however, in practice, due to the backlog at CIPC, it turns out that one application can take up to 43 months.


Over the years, I  (and my Style Society brand) have been a victim of plagiarism and copycats to such extremity that I was advised to have my brand trademarked, even though I had common-law rights. If you are serious about building and protecting your brand, I would suggest you do the same.

A note to CopyCats.. I have spent eight years of long hours and hard work increasing visibility and creating awareness for my Style Society brand as a whole; not to mention the Hundreds of Thousands of Rands that I have invested into my Style Society Pop up Boutiques, Style Society Workshops, Style Society Fashion Events and Style Society Blog all of which has been trademarked… I will stop at nothing to make an example of anyone who tries to infringe, copy or plagiarise my intellectual property.

Be inspired, but don’t copy. There is nothing more pathetic than a second-rated copycat.


“Copycats are not fabulous, rather be a trendsetter than a knockoff”
– Kumari Govender


Copyright © StyleSociety

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