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Last year we saw all the beauty blogs with their uber chic Caviar nails and Kumari had it done when it first arrived in SA. Two weeks ago Tip Top Nails sent us their mircobead manicure called Sprinkle Beads Duo. Along with their other two trendy nail art polishes, Wild Thing Duo and Confetti Glitter Duo, which I personally prefer so I’ll share with you the one we all loved. Which is the Wild Thing Duo in a sexy black colour.

Wild Thing Duo | Tip Top Nails

Wild Thing Duo | Tip Top Nails

How to use Tip Top Nail Wild Thing Duo

You will require:

  • Tip Top Nails Wild Thing Duo
  • A plastic tray or box
  • Time (as drying time takes longer)


  1. Paint one layer of the nail polish colour.
  2. Paint one nail with a thick second layer of nail polish colour.
  3. Quickly, before the polish dries, place that finger into the empty plastic tray and tip the pot slowly so that the glitter spills over the wet paint. *** make sure to move the nail either side so the glitter can catch everywhere along the nail.
  4. Clean the edges of the nail
  5. Wait a minute or two then LIGHTLY press down the glitter so it clings better onto the nail polish
  6. Repeat step three, four and five on each nail.
Packaging Design | Sprinkle Beads Duo | Tip Top Nails

Packaging Design | Sprinkle Beads Duo | Tip Top Nails

Well it’s pretty obvious why it’s called duo, due to it’s 2 pot packaging design, but I love it because it’s so easy to travel with and I don’t have to dig around my ‘nail box’ for the paired nail colour and glitter pot.  The other part of the name must come from the crazy colours that the Wild thing comes in like lumo yellow and acid green, we however got the femme fatal one in a sexy shimmering black, almost every person noticed the manicure (maybe it was because it was black) but every lady loved the subtle sparkle. The pictures do not do it justice but if I have to describe the effect to you…

the Wild Thing Duo sparkles remind me of when you are watching a live event at a stadium and all the little camera flashes that light up the darkness from afar.

Simply, it is just glamorous but not in an obvious way.

Close up on Glitter | Wild Thing Duo | Tip Top Nails

Close up on Glitter | Wild Thing Duo | Tip Top Nails

So I did a lot of experimenting over the weekend and have a few tips to share with you.

  • Number 1: Try to paint you nails early in the day as it takes longer to settle and dry the glitter/beads/confetti on top.
  • Number 2: Do NOT TOPCOAT over sprinkle beads as the colour will run and you’ll lose the texture.
  • Number 3: For the confetti Glitter Duo it’s best to layer the glitter on
  • Number 4: do NOT add layers of the wild thing glitter or beads (As it will become messy and chunky)
  • Number 5: if you are a type A, OCD kind of person then these manicures are not for you as they are not “perfect” manicures and the uneven and unpredictable texture that it creates is the beauty of it.

The Sprinkle Beads Duo, Wild Thing Duo and Confetti Glitter Duo are R79:99 each and available from selected Clicks stores nationwide.

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