My Must-Try Top Beauty Picks by FILORGA

Must-Try Top Beauty Picks By FILORGA

Darls, I am so excited to share my latest finds with you all. I was browsing the net for inspiration and stumbled upon a curation of future beauty trends by Mintel. According to the global research, giant beauty is headed the same way as the internet. Brands will work collaboratively to reduce the carbon footprint and give mother nature a helping hand.
And personal care will be truly personalised.
The future looks bright. But you know what, the future was always here – in my boudoir.

I am a snob when it comes to skincare. Mostly because I’ve had my fair share of disappointments. Catching my eye is difficult. And even more challenging to be a staple in my skin care regime. But Filorga has defied all odds. It has transcended time and over the years has even defeated the impetus created by natural changes in my skin texture to be my go-to solution for dermal luminescence.

Bottom-line Filorga has held me captive. In the best sense possible.

But as the rest of the beauty industry moves to a less is more, focused on a natural approach, Filorga shines even brighter in my opinion. Because it has always embodied innovation, the ability to create magic with potent active ingredients and a clean, minimalistic, highly personal brand feel to empowers users with products that don’t need much to work miracles.

I believe there is no time like now to revise my list of TOP PICKS BY FILORGA and share the items that are at the cutting edge of their advanced line.

You will be so pleased to hear that my favourite anti-ageing skincare experts have added two new products to their Optim-Eyes Eye-Care Range:

Optim-Eyes Lotion Eye Makeup Remover Serum and Optim-Eyes Patch Express Anti-Fatigue Eye Patches.

These new products complement Filorga’s tried and tested Optim-Eyes Eye Contour Cream to provide a 360-degree eye-care solution. It is no longer just enough to apply an anti-dark circle serum before bedtime. The whole world is following the basics. But the stresses of life aren’t relenting. True mavens go a step further and “optim-eyes” their routine.

Must-Try Top Beauty Picks By FILORGA

The first triple-phase eye makeup remover that combines waterproof-makeup cleansing efficacy with the benefits of a serum. Optim-Eyes Lotion Eye Makeup Remover Serum integrates an oleo-clean complex containing gentle cleansing agents, to instantly eliminate all eye-makeup (including waterproof makeup) without rubbing. Optim-Eyes Lotion is ideal for those looking for an eye-makeup remover and eye treatment in a single product.

The Anti Fatigue Optim Eyes Express Anti-Fatigue Eye Patches are just what your best friend ordered. Fall in love and bring that dazzle to your peepers. Let the gel-film texture of the Optim Eyes Anti Fatigue eye patches to caress your under-eye contours carrying the stimulating effect of yeast to combat panda circles, a concoction of witch hazel and cornflower water for deflated under eye bags and the ultimate boost of black carrageenan gel for deluxe hydration. Fit for daily maintenance or the flourish before big events.

Filorga Optim-Eyes Lotion Eye Makeup Remover Serum 
Retail Price – R450.00 for 100ml

Filorga Optim Eyes Express Anti-Fatigue Eye Patch
Retail Price – R670.00 for a Box of Eight single-use blisters

I don’t want to sound horrendously cliché. But this new range is geared to reverse the depredations of ageing 10 times faster than any other Filorga product. And given the track record of this skincare giant, that is saying a lot.

The NCTF Reverse Range doesn’t take any prisoners. It contains 10X the concentration of Filorga’s patented NCTF poly-revitalising complex. The four products the NCTF Serum, the NCTF Essence, The NCTF Reverse and the NCTF Mat tackle lines and wrinkles and nourish the driest most dehydrated skin.

A unique encapsulation system deep delivers retinol for collagen stimulation. The DNA extract of wheatgerm strengthens skin’s elastic network for an anti-slacking effect. Vitamins A, C and H prevent the appearance of pigmentation spots and fight free radical aggression.

Filorga NCTF Essence Supreme Regenerating Lotion
Retail Price – R700.00 for 150ml

Chemical peels are effective. But I love skin peels said no woman ever. They are messy. And they have to be conducted by trained professionals. But Filorga wants to change the status quo. It is bringing the smoothening, almost full coverage, Photoshop glow of chemical peels done well to your fingertips. Their latest micro peeling lotion marries a mind-boggling six peeling agents.

Glycolic acid reduces wrinkles, Phytic acid erases dark spots, Citric acid gives the gift of an even complexion, Salicylic acid reduces pores, Mandelic acid brings radiance and Gluconolactone simulates skin resurfacing. Applied with cotton pads. No rinsing required.

Filorga Re-Oxygenating Micro Peeling Lotion
Retail Price – R520.00 for 150ml

Awaken your slumbering youth with the extract of precious amber. It sounds whimsical… but the effects are clinically documented. Tests have shown that the new Oil Absolute Serum is capable of cellular stimulation, deep nutrition and even ageing correction. It brings the power of a serum with the oil texture.

The combination relies on Buruti oil that has off the charts anti-oxidant properties, Camellia oil known to preserve skin firmness, Jojoba oil which prevents the appearance of dark spots from UV damage, Apricot oil rich in fatty acids and of course Amber extract which works on both the dermis and the epidermis.

Filorga Oil Absolute Anti-Ageing Serum
Retail Price – R1970 for 30 ML

Lifeless skin is a struggle. But it is nothing when compared to the bane of unsightly sagging. It instantly adds 10 years to any woman. Sagging is a unique challenge because each skin type sags in response to different levels of stimuli. This is why Filorga has introduced the revolutionary Plasmatic Lifting Factors – a complex that powers the three products in this range.

The Lift Designer Serum, the Life Structure Day Cream and the Sleep and Lift Night Cream work as a trifecta to:

  • Renew and restore collagen and elastin synthesis with the extract of the Curcuma Longa rhizome.
  • Boost collagen loss whenever needed with an injection of marine origin collagen
  • Swell sunken areas with an intense infusion of HA (Hyaluronic Acid)

Filorga Life Structure Ultra Lifting Cream
Retail Price – R1095 for 50 ML

Disclaimer: Products featured were supplied for review.

To your ageless beauty!

Yours in Style,

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