Bastien Gonzalez Mani: Pedi: Cure at the One&Only Spa in Cape Town

Last Saturday, I was invited by the One&Only Spa to indulge in their luxurious Bastien Gonzalez  Mani: Pedi: Cure treatment. Jamila, one of my bff’s and “bride-to-be”  was visiting with me at the time, so I booked her in as well and we both spent our Saturday, soaking up the fabulosity in the height of luxury at the Bastien Gonzalez Studio.

French podiatrist to the stars, Bastien Gonzalez
French podiatrist to the stars, Bastien Gonzalez

The famous Bastien Mani: Pedi: Cure was designed by French podiatrist to the stars, Bastien Gonzalez. It is a carefully conceptualised marriage of formal podiatry and beauty treatment methods with long lasting effects, created to address common hand and feet health problems.

On arrival at the One&Only Spa, we were warmly welcomed by Kim Milton, the area manager, and singly whisked  off  to our private and luxurious Bastien Gonzales studios and swiftly eased into the luxe heated leather recliner in preparation of our pampering treatment. I was handed a hot chocolate and some delectable chocolates while Kim Milton attended to my feet and Halima Kader my hands.

Unlike regular manicures and pedicures, no water or foot files are used in this treatment and the results were astonishing! A tailor-made, dry Mani: Pedi: Cure concentrating on specific problem areas, the severity of which is hidden with the use of water. Kim also explained that the friction caused by foot filing stimulates the thickening of the skin, offering no long-term effects. My nails were nourished and polished using a special buffing technique and Bastien’s pearly buffing cream leaving a natural healthy shiny glow! The treatment ended with a luxurious and heavenly hand and foot massage using a rich and silky vitamin-E enriched, cocoa and paraffin wax.

This stunning Mani: Pedi: Cure treatment left my hands and feet feeling silky smooth and healthy! I didn’t leave without booking my next treatment in June. Now go on and book yours!

Bastien Gonzalez Mani: Pedi: Cure at the One&Only Spa in Cape Town
Bastien Gonzalez Mani: Pedi: Cure at the One&Only Spa in Cape Town

With special offers like the Easter special Chocoholic Delight treatment, Cape Town beauty aficionados in the know will enjoy getting the One&Only Spa star treatment too.

The One&Only Spa Bastien Gonzalez Chocoholic Delight Easter special runs from 1 April – 30 April 2011.
Prices: Mani-cure R350 and Pedi-cure R650.

To book your One&Only Spa treatment call (27) (21) 431 5810, or visit

{Image credits: One&Only Spa}