Clairol makes it Nice ‘n Easy to get natural, multi-tonal colour with perfect grey coverage

Nice and Easy Colour Blend

Ever wonder how your hair got its colour? Or how to ditch the boring brown mother-nature bestowed on you and become the radiant redhead you truly are? It helps to understand how hair gets its natural colour and how easy it is to change it.

No one else has exactly the same hair colour you do. Your hair might look black or brown or blonde, but there are subtle differences that are uniquely yours. Amazingly, nature creates a different hair colour for everyone using only two types of the natural colour pigment “melanin” namely eumelanin (black pigment) and pheomelanin (red/yellow pigment). But that doesn’t mean mother-nature gets it right every time. You can have any hair colour you want. Clairol offers all the information and tools you need.

Creating your own colour is simple. If you’re a first-time colour user and want a new hair colour, it’s as simple as deciding the colour you want, deciding how long you want it to last, and selecting a shade that works best with your existing hair colour to create the desired new you.

With Nice ‘n Easy Colour Blend Technology you can achieve a flattering look that’s just right for you. Here’s how to find the tone that works with your natural colouring:

Nice and Easy Colour Blend
Nice and Easy Colour Blend

Warm Toned Categories:

Warm Light – usually have strawberry blonde, golden or auburn hair that has a warm glow in the sunshine. Their eyes are hazel, green, or blue-green and their skin is peaches and cream, often with freckles.

Warm Medium – These are the classic redheads. Their hair is auburn, chestnut brown or a deep brown that glows golden in the sun. They have green, brown, hazel or blue-green eyes and their skin is peachy or olive with a tendency to tan deeply.

Warm Dark – These people are easily recognised by their chestnut brown, mahogany or black hair, and their brown, hazel or green eyes. Their skin tans deeply and is either olive, Asian or black.

If you are warm-toned, look for shades with names like gold, auburn, mahogany, copper, honey, caramel or red.

Nice and Easy Colour Blend
Nice and Easy Colour Blend

Cool Toned Categories:

Cool Light – typically has pale or ash blonde hair, with pale blue, blue-grey, green or hazel eyes and milky white skin with a tendency to go pink or burn easily

Cool Medium – your classic English roses, typically have brown or medium to dark blonde hair. Their eyes are usually brown or blue, sometimes with a hint of grey or green. Their skin is milky, often with rosy cheeks, and they tan slowly.

Cool Dark – have trademark jet black or deep brown hair. Eyes are bright blue, cool grey, pale green or hazel, and skin ranges from the palest white to the darkest black.

If you’re cool toned, look for shades with words such as platinum, ash and jet black.

For truly natural-looking results, you should always choose a shade that is within 1 or 2 shades of your current colour.

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{Image Source: Clairol}