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Clubmed Kani in Maldives

This was my first Clubmed Holiday and all I can say is STUNNING!!!! From the moment we arrived on the island – it was extra special. We stayed in the 5 Star Trident Luxury Over Water Villas which was amazing! Even though their 5 star does not equate to 5 star in South Africa – it was still stunning. You can never equate any figure to the Kani Experience – sitting in your villa balcony sipping champagne and watching baby sharks and manta rays swim below you. The stunning turquoise waters and a sense of total bliss. It was paradise.

Cubmed Kani Maldives

Baby Shark - Cubmed Kani Maldives

The service we received was exceptional all round. The GOs were fantastic. We made lots of friends and had amazing weather even though we were told that it was the monsoon season. It was extremely hot and humid but no rain. Yay for that!

The food was divine. I especially loved the indian cuisine. There was never a shortage of food on the island. There was an early buffet breakfast, followed by a late alfresco style breakfast at the second restaurant then snacks at various spots until lunch. We ordered our breakfast in most mornings. They served an early buffet lunch, followed by a late alfresco style lunch, and snacks served again at various intervals until dinner.

The paid excursions, boutique and spa was quite pricy but we enjoyed it all. The boutique has a great variety of island style clothing and memorabilia but be prepared to pay. Hubby did go a bit overboard as he usually does (not complaining). We got a few T shirts for hubby and myself (okay mostly myself :-),  two stunning 100% silk handmade pareo wraps, fridge magnets, an under water camera, two fedoras, mosquito repellant (you definitely need this!), a few post cards and memorabilia. Total cost $655.

The Kani Spa was total relaxation! We spent $215 on a Head and Shoulder massage for hubby and a full body massage, reflexology pedicure and spa facial for myself. I thought it was money well spent considering I would spend an average of R1500 ($176) at a local spa! Hubby enjoyed the head massage so much that he dosed off. You cannot go to Kani and not have a balinese massage. You should definitely try that at least.

Cubmed Kani Maldives - Beach Bar

The Line Fishing was not too exciting! We basically paid $175 to watch the captain and his son fish for us. He also said that line fishing is only good at night. They managed to catch a few baby fish but I did not enjoy that much! Not worth the money spent.

We did the Blue Lagoon excursion ($255) which was amazing. We did some snorkeling in the reef at a sand dune. I did not join the snorkeling in the ocean (not a swimmer) but others who did saw turtles and lots of amazing tropical fish and coral. On our way back we saw Dolphins – so many of them – it was amazing. We also stopped by a local village for a quick tour. Did more shopping. Prices were MUCH cheaper than the boutique (obviously) and you could bargain. Spent $15 on a handcrafted vase, two fridge magnets, 2 rolls of locally made coconut rolls (which they called chocolate –  very yum), an ankle bracelet made of coral, and a handmade manta ring.

Cubmed Kani Maldives

Cubmed Kani Maldives

More Baby Sharks - Clubmed Kani Maldives

Hubby hired a Jet Ski ($205) for a spin in the ocean and around the reef. He loved it. I chickened out. He said that it was the highlight of his trip. Totally amazing!

On our last night we booked a Romantic Dinner ($220 ) for two in a secluded spot along the beach. Dinner included a three course meal with lobster as the main course and a bottle of champagne/ I really enjoyed the champagne on the island – very similar to Pongracz. The lobster was a bit disappointing but the experience was amazing. The service was excellent.

Entertainment on the island is amazing. The Go’s put on great shows and join the party every night. They have great theme nights. (which we are not advised off prior), so best to enquire before you go. Clubmed is a non stop party. Angie at the Iru bar made the most divine cocktails and made sure we always had a glass in hand. Mahid at the Manta lounge was very helpful as well. Showed us around and made us feel very comfortable. Excellent service from him and yes he kept the cocktails flowing. Beach Bar was also great. Sipping cocktails under the coconut tress is just bliss. There are a few wifi spots available on the island. I did share bits on instagram now and then but loved being offline. So you can still keep in touch with the outside world 🙂

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We had so much of fun. Met the most amazing people. Totally worth the money spent.  Will definitely be back. If you are thinking of going to Kani – you will not be disappointed!!



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