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Casuarina Fragrance Diffuser

A few weeks ago I shared all my favourites from the India Hicks Island Living Spider Lily bath and body collection, and I briefly mentioned Casuarina, which is part of the home collection for Crabtree & Evelyn India Hicks Island Living. Both Spider Lily and Casuarina make up the complete luxurious India Hicks Island Living Collection inspired by India’s Bahamian Lifestyle.

Crabtree & Evelyn | India Hicks Island Living
Crabtree & Evelyn | India Hicks Island Living

Island Living home fragrance is inspired by the island breezes that sweep over India’s veranda at sunset, bringing with them the scent of casuarina leaves, palm fronds, orange blossoms and salty air. A subtle infusion of scent can transform your home with an aromatic tropical lift. Gently spritz India Hicks Island Living Casuarina and a subtle fragrance blend of orange blossom, palm leaves, casuarina trees and crisp sea air is underway

I’ve bought the entire India Hicks Island Living Casuarina collection which complements the Spider Lily really well and my guests love it. The packaging is delightful and great to store your special accessories or makeup brushes etc, and the Casuarina scent is exquisite.

India Hicks Island Living Casuarina Fragrance Diffuser
Casuarina Fragrance Diffuser
Casuarina Fragrance Diffuser
Casuarina Fragrance Diffuser


For a fresh, breezy island scent, the India Hicks Island Living Casuarina Fragrance Diffuser is a great choice. I love the elegant wooden box with brass fittings which I use to store my bracelets. The box was inspired by the English pistol case of India’s great-grandfather and the lovely glass decanter holds seashells reminiscent of those gathered on the beach by India’s boys.

My diffuser set lasted around 6 months which is much longer than anticipated. I guess it’s because I would usually only flip the reed (sticks) once every week seeing that it was bought for my guest bathroom. What’s great is that you can continue to enjoy the crisp sea air of the Bahama’s by replenishing with the refill set at approximately half the price.

Casuarina Fragrance Diffuser – Retail Price R1150.00 for 200ml
Casuarina Diffuser Refill Set – Retail Price R625.00 for 200ml

Casuarina Room Spray
Casuarina Room Spray


The Casuarina Room Spray offers a scent of island breezes in a simple, elegant bottle so you can cast the essence of island air around the room. I love how the Casuarina island breeze room mist can transform any space with an aromatic tropical lift. This room spray features the fresh scent of casuarina trees, island wildflowers, orange blossoms, green palms and sea air accords.

Casuarina Room Spray – Retail Price R350.00 for a 100ml



Treasure-scape of findings from pink sand beaches which includes Casuarina scent spray refresher for your room. The perfect new spin on potpourri and proof that nothing is ever lost at sea. This cute little treasure box contains casuarina, orange blossom, palm leaf, salt air, sea shells, treasure map and a scent spray refresher. Tip: When your spray refresher is done, you can use your room spray as a refresher.

Casuarina Treasure Box – Retail Price : Unknown

Casuarina Scented Candle
Casuarina Scented Candle
Casuarina Scented Candle
Casuarina Scented Candle


A breath of fresh air straight from the tropics, the Casuarina scented candle from the India Hicks collection is inspired by the Bahamas. It is the perfect soft glow of candle light that illuminates the nights and fills a room with the essence of gentle island breezes.  Approximately 45 hour burn time.

Casuarina scented candle – Retail Price Unknown

Please Note: This is not a featured post. ALL of the above products were Purchased for my personal use.
Crabtree & Evelyn products are available online at www.crabtree-evelyn.co.za

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