Eco Beauty | Bema Bio Anti-Age cream

In winter I find my skin lifeless and that’s because of my lack of water intake so I tried this moisturizing bio cream that was formulated to hydrate dry skin and I found that the cream left my skin soft and plump and looking bright.

Bema Cosmetics is a certified organic beauty range that is all made in Italy. Their products range from skincare, body wash, perfumes, and even have ranges for baby and men. I am really impressed by how ethical this brand is which is definitely a foot in the right direction. But I know you are wondering if these products can actually give you a run for your money.

bema bio

On a first impression the Bema Bio moisturizing bio cream is elegant and sleek, with a frosted glass tub and plastic lid they claim this is the best choice as it is easy to recycle glass and plastic. As I twist open the lid the cream has an air of vanilla but doesn’t smell like freshly baked cakes.

The cream is light and once applied is easily absorbed, and non greasy. I also found that my skin did not feel tight and dry at any time as the cream contains “Bema Bio-Spheres (which is) higher concentrations of active ingredients, (that) slowly released during the course of the day, allows the skin to experience optimum results.”

Bema’s products are amazing. The pride of Bema research is Phytostab. “Phytostab inhibits the growth of micro-organisms in the creams, which means a healthy shelf life for the products. And for the skin, it adds the benefit of having an anti-bacterial effect.”

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