Obsessed with my evil eye and hamsa bracelets

I remember the first time I saw an evil eye bracelet. It was back in 2010. I noticed Kimora Lee Simmons wearing one when I joined her on a USTREAM video chat from her hotel room in Cape Town. I immediately started obsessing about this accessory.

Kimora was donning a diamond evil eye bracelet. Oh a girl can only dream and dream I did… until hubby surprised me with an 18 carat gold diamond evil eye bracelet for my birthday in January. I was over-the-moon as expected. This awesome surprise was planned with the help of my bestie, Pavashnie, off course who apparently suggested that jewellery would be a better option to a Louis Vuitton handbag. With all the knockoffs that have been making it’s rounds, I have to agree!

I have about 20 different types of evil eye and hamsa bracelets. I often give them away to close friends who ‘ooh and aah’ over them and replace them with different designs.

Can you spot the evil eye?

The evil eye is significant mostly in the Mediterranean region and is believed to be able to protect the person wearing it from bad luck by warding off an evil eye for reasons of envy or dislike. The Hamsa (Hand of Fatima) bracelets are found mostly in the Middle Eastern region and is believed to symbolize luck, good fortune and offer protection from evil energies.

I wear it mostly as a fashion accessory and if it helps to ward off those negative people and negative energies – that’s just an extra bonus I guess! I am a firm believer in mind over matter so in other words I’m implying that – “If you believe it will help with negativity – it probably will!”.

Obsessed with my evil eye and hamsa bracelets
Obsessed with my evil eye and hamsa bracelets

My collection grew quite a lot since my travels to Istanbul as you can see below. Evil eye and hamsa amulets are a big obsession in Mediterranean region and they pop up everywhere. From cars, to door ways to store fronts and around most necks and arms obvs. 😉

With such a huge variety to choose from, I was spoilt for choice. The best part is the price. Mostly between 5 to 10 Turkish Liras (R25 to R50) it’s really difficult to leave the city without buying too many.

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