Get Stylish With Image Stylist, Kumari Govender

Tyger Valley Mom and daughter Luana and Alicia van den Brink recently spend a morning with High Street image stylist, Kumari GovenderGet Stylish | A mini-makeover from head to toe saw the two ladies – who both admitted they usually are quite shy – feel younger, trendier and more attractive and confident following Kumari’s styling suggestions.

A Whole ‘New You’ – Finding Your Inner Sophistication

Are you feeling – just a little – as though you could do with a mini makeover? Perhaps you’d just like a suggestion about what in your closet still works for you and what doesn’t. Now and then, a word of guidance may be all that is needed to get stylish and find a new look that will boost your confidence and make you feel sophisticated and beautiful again.

Many more mature women don’t realise the fine line they tread between comfort and sloppiness, Kumari observes. “In my experience, moms especially dress more for comfort. I try to show how a few accessories can completely transform a look,” says Kumari.

Don’t Go Ott With Your Choice Of Clothing And Accessories Says Stylist Kumari Govender Who Runs A Fashion Boutique On High Street In Tygervalley.

Get STylish

How the transformation happened:

Luana van den Brink

With Luana (49), Kumari began with a classic silhouette of blacktop and pants. A jacket by local designer, Kate Jordan added a ‘wow’ factor of sophistication and a touch of trendiness to the outfit. At the same time, bold – but classic- accessories and black leather ankle boots completed the look.

Bobby Brown’s concealer under the eyes combined with subtle smokey greys on the eyelids beautifully lifted Luana’s almond-shaped eyes. She has naturally light brown hair which she regularly highlights was styled sleek in the front with subtle curls in its length to provide lift.

Alicia van den Brink

Alicia (22) dressed in wet-look leggings, a must for the season, and a purple top with beaded bling-work around the neck. “Purple is a hot colour and bling is still big for this season,” Kumari says. These combined with autumnal gladiator sandals. Exciting accessories like a bold ‘blingy’ cocktail ring worn this season over black leather-gloved fingers and a skinny belt finished her up-to-date look. Kumari suggests a broader belt for a fuller figure.

Alicia’s eyes received the smokey treatment while nude was chosen for her lips. Kumari suggested adding gloss to the lips, a black trench and ‘blingy’ clutch for an easy switch into a great evening look. Her light brown hair was highlighted throughout and styled in soft, trendy curls with a fringe.

Marias Steenkamp from Bobby Brown assisted with makeup and hairstylist Mariechen Martin of Vivacious Hair in Willowbridge with hair.

Style Tips

Kumari suggests that many more mature women often make the mistake of adding too many elements and going OTT. “I’m not a colour chart fan,” Kumari says. “There are so many shades of one colour: although one may not work, another will,” she explains. She doesn’t shop with her clients who tend to shy away with comments like: ‘I don’t look good in that colour’. “Often once they try a piece on, they change their minds,” she notes.

At her fashion boutique in Tyger Valley, Kumari has items by local South African Fashion Designers as well as imports from Italy and India. It’s the one-offs by highly-esteemed Indian designers of pure silks and lots of embellishments that Kumari is excited about: designs by Drashta Sarvaiya, Anupamaa Dayal and Raakesh Agarwal, for example.

Kumari is confident she can make the individual, in need of a mini makeover, get stylish and feel ‘effortlessly fabulous’ and allow her ‘inner confidence to shine through’. Following an assessment and style plan, Kumari conducts a serious ‘wardrobe weed’ as part of her Image Styling Services. Her next style workshop scheduled for May 29, at the Bella Rosa Lifestyle Centre.

For over ten years, Kumari has offered a lavish menu of services to help her clients refine their image, get stylish, build their confidence, improve their social etiquette skills and master the art of dining

Tips on looking 10 years younger:

  • Maintain a good skincare routine and invest in an excellent anti-wrinkle moisturiser with a min SPF of 15.
  • Drink plenty of water, at least eight glasses a day. Water is the cheapest skincare product out there 
  • At least 8 hours of sleep a day is essential for maintaining a healthy, radiant skin
  • Don’t skip your sunscreen. Use a good sunblock and avoid direct sun exposure especially between 10 am and 4 pm
Shape-wear (Undergarments)
  • Invest in good shape-wear which is available in regular and plus sizes.
  • Seamless body shaping undergarments shape, firm and sculpt your body creating the perfect silhouette
  • Even though it might seem a little démodé, you will be delightfully surprised with the beautiful variants that have emerged like the Body Wrap by Shape available in black, sheer and nude
  • Ditch your white undergarments and go for nude or sheer colours
  • Thinning hair? Go for a shoulder-skimming hairstyle with layers that frame your face – creates volume. 
  • Choose a hairstyle that is easy to maintain
  • Colour or highlights will help disguise grey hair. Make sure you choose a colour that complements your complexion. 
  • Have regular trims and touch-ups on your colour 
  • Silky, matte eye shadows blend into your skin and help camouflage fine lines. 
  • Avoid dark lip liner and matt lipstick as it draws attention to fine lines around the lip area. Apply lip colour then top with a gloss for a fresh, youthful shine. Use a clear wax lip liner to avoid bleeds
  • When wearing dramatic eyes, keep lips and cheeks neutral.
  • Avoid nude neutrals on lips as it can make you look greyish; instead, opt for pink neutrals or berries.
  • Lighten up on your foundation and concealer or go for a tinted moisturiser instead. The skin should look radiant, not cakey

Get Stylish

  • Invest in classic wardrobe basics like a great pair of dark blue denim jeans and a simple white T-shirt.
  • Wear fitted jackets and shirts will help keep your less-than-six-pack-abs locked and loaded.
  • The number one insider style tip in the fashion world is alteration. Get a tailor to adjust your pants and jackets so that they look made to order. And remember a tailor is the best friend of every Style Maven.
  • Don’t overexpose – dress age-appropriately. Stay clear from skimpy tight clothing that screams “has been mom trying to make a comeback”.
  • Dress to suit your body shape. Avoid baggy or sloppy clothing which will make you look frumpy.

A small waist and a large curvy derriere is the classic pear shape. Pear-shaped women are feminine, sensual and beautiful. It’s all about celebrating your curves and playing them up to look your graceful best. Here are some tips to help you get stylish! 

  • If you love dresses, opt for a strapless dress that’s cinched at the waist and flares over your hips. It will widen your shoulders, adding proportion to your silhouette.
  • Fixing a belt around your midriff will accentuate and define your waistline and draw less attention to your curves.
  • Dresses with an empire line will skim your curves and create a feminine silhouette.
  • Try to keep the bottom half of your outfits simple and streamlined. Avoid ruching, horizontal stripes or added design features that draw attention to your curves.
  • A straight leg flared, or wide-leg pant would also flatter a pear-shaped body.
  • Stay away from skinny jeans or any pant that fits snug on the lower part of your leg.
  • Pants should skim your hips then fall straight down to make your legs look longer. An easy way to play with volume is the tulip skirt. It shows off your bottom but also retains structure. 

Get Stylish – Let your inner confidence shine through

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