FILORGA BODY PEEL provides a deeper chemical exfoliation

Filorga Body Peel

A body peel is an ideal treatment in the winter months to get rid the body’s dead skin cells by providing a deeper chemical exfoliation, instead of a regular superficial mechanical scrubbing.

A Filorga Glykopeel® improves the skin’s condition by working on its elasticity and microcirculation. This Body Peel is an ideal winter treatment to rejuvenate the body’s skin and to restore the skin’s surface.

The Filorga Glykopeel is a dermatological, chemical, superficial and complete peeling treatment dedicated to reducing skin ageing and sun-damage. It improves the skin quality visibly without causing the pronounced redness typical of peels. GlyKopeel can be done on any skin-type and at any time of the year. It is the only 4-step peel that offers the results of intense glycolic acid peels without the side-effects.

Filorga Body Peel

Filorga Body Peel

This unique and complete formulation provides the following 4 actions:
PROTECTION – White mulberry, brown algea, glycerin
PIGMENTATION CORRECTION – Kojic acid, bearberry

As this is a professional treatment, it is done only in selected Medi-Spas or skin care clinics.

  1. The entire body is exfoliated with exfoliating gloves
  2. Prepping solution is applied
  3. A mixture of the Filorga Glykopeel® and Filorga Body Lotion is massaged into the skin
  4. Filorga’s Mist is sprayed over to neutralise the action

Postcare:  Appy Filorga Body Milk morning and evening after shower/bath.  Cover exposed areas with Filorga Sunblock SPF 30.


For more information on your nearest Filorga salon  or Medi-Spa contact:
Filorga South Africa on 012 – 548 3943

FILORGA Glykopeel® Body Peel
Retail Price – R900.00 a session

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post.

{Product Images Courtesy of FILORGA South Africa}