FILORGA Maps the Future with Facial Analysis Machine


In keeping with its reputation as a pioneer in the field of anti-aging skincare techniques, skincare expert Filorga now offers customers a revolutionary computerised skin analysis tool that can provide a complete skin analysis from within.

This unique skin analysis machine utilises various forms of light for it to take three different photographs of the skin. Images are revealed in normal light, polarized light and UV light.  In this way, the skin analysis accurately indicates and measure pore size, wrinkles and fine lines, porphyrins, sebum, skin tone and colour and pigmentation both under- and on top of the skin. The face is divided into different zones (forehead, nose, cheeks, under the eyes and around the eye contour) and the percentage of each indication in each zone is given.

Filorga Skin Analysis UV
Filorga Skin Analysis UV

Designed specifically for skin care professionals to be able to recommend the correct homecare product, Filorga has explicitly adopted this tool to assist therapists in ascertaining which professional treatments will be most beneficial in improving the skin quality, for instance, e.g. chemical peeling, mesotherapy injections and filling injectables, etc.

All the visuals are kept on file and customers are advised to continue two- to three-monthly follow-ups to measure the results of their particular course of treatment. In this way, the results of each analysis can be compared to see whether the customer’s skin has improved, or whether an alternative product or treatment should be recommended.

Filorga Skin Analysis
Retail Price – R150.00 per session

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{Images Courtesy FILORGA South Africa}


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