FILORGA Meso White – Flash Whitening Treatment for Pigmentation

FILORGA Meso White – Flash Whitening Treatment for Pigmentation softens pigmentation lesions, smoothes and lifts skin complexion.  This treatment can be used as daily or following depigmenting laser treatments and peels. It helps prevent melanin synthesis and further pigmentation lesions. The glowing action of the Vitamin C helps lighten and smooth cutaneous contours.


IMMEDIATE SMOOTHING ACTION: Soft-focus agents with opal effects smooth the complexion by diffusing the light and softening pigmentation lesion contours by adapting to the skin colour.  Rhamnose Polysaccharides soften redness caused by UV exposure and eases inflammation.

USE:  Apply morning and evening, on its own or before the day or night cream.  
Apply locally on the lesions or over the entire face.
As a daily treatment following peelings or depigmenting laser treatments.
As sunburn treatment for all skin types.

For an intense and fast result:  use for 12 weeks minimum with Filorga Sleep and Peel.

Meso White – Flash Whitening
Retail Price – R465.00 for 20ml

Disclaimer: Product featured was supplied for review.

{Product Images Courtesy FILORGA South Africa}

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  1. I’m using the meso-white now for about 2 weeks, wonderful to prevent and treat pigmentation, and I use it along with the sleep and peel! Wonderful product!


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