Haute Colour | Purple Lipstick

Mac Berries | Haute Colour | Purple Lipstick

What I am really loving is that women are wearing red lipstick on a day to day basis. But I wanted to go one step ahead because that’s just what we do here at StyleSociety. So a few weeks back I was tweeting about purple lipstick and how I am obsessed with it. Yes, the red lipstick trend is still hot but let’s try something new hey ladies?

And I’ll give you 3 reasons why I prefer a purple to a red…anyday.

  1. 1.Purple is not a ‘too sexy’ look that you can wear to work to look professional and feminine.
  2. 2.Your teeth appear whiter (unlike with red)
  3. 3.It is flattering on all skin colours and gives your skin an even and radiant look


There are 2 kinds of purple lipsticks

Cherry and Plum have more red tones in it and does not look as purple.

Mulberry and grape colours are colder blue tones and may look a little heavy.

Shades and Tones | Haute Colour | Purple Lipstick
Shades and Tones | Haute Colour | Purple Lipstick

So I tried on a few lipsticks so you can see the difference for yourself.

First I went to Inglot at Canal Walk and spoke to the lovely assistant named Amy. She understood that I was looking for a rich pigmentation and as little shine as possible (because I really want a full colour) so I tried different shades of plum, which lead me to buying their matte plum lipstick)

Note: See how the redness in the lipstick brings out the blush in my cheeks

Inglot Plums | Haute Colour | Purple Lipstick
Inglot Plums | Haute Colour | Purple Lipstick

Second I went to Mac in Cavendish and spoke with Leikyn who had some fun testing out the very brave Nightmoth colour on me. The base for both the looks was the Viva Glam matte lipstick (which I already owned). Leikyn told me that an inexpensive way to experiment with lip colour is to buy lipliners instead or lipsticks so you can mix and blend them for the look you want. So a neutral matte lipstick is a good base to work with. There was a big difference when I tried the Vino lipliner at home with the Viva Glam Matte Lipstick.

Note: See how my complextion looks more even and radiant with the bluer toned lipsticks (oh and also note to not wear a very dark outfit with a dark lip as it will result in a goth look…unless that is what you are going for)

Mac Berries | Haute Colour | Purple Lipstick
Mac Berries | Haute Colour | Purple Lipstick

Lastly I went to the Lancome counter at Woolworths in Canal Walk and pretty much helped myself to the Rogue in Love lipstick collection. I was so excited when I saw the bright grape lipstick there, unfortunately I was disappointed when the colour wasn’t a high pigmentation, it looked glossy and see-through ( I guess if I actually had assistance I could have put a lipliner on first and maybe then the colour would pop more but anyway) I guess I am also so use to the matte colours and can’t go back to normal mica lipsticks.

Note: Purple lipstick has a feminine sexy look without a sex symbol appeal (ie Marilyn Monroe) Which is so perfect for day-time as well as appropriate for work.

Lancome Grapes | Haute Colour | Purple Lipstick
Lancome Grapes | Haute Colour | Purple Lipstick

But which is your favourite and would you ever wear a purple lipstick?


Image Credits: StyleSociety


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