Haute Edit Pop Up Boutique & Style Soirée on Mela

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Haute Edit is not everyone’s cup of tea. Because we’d rather sip our masala chai from unapologetic, collectible pottery mugs. The Haute Edit style banner flutters on the mast of exclusivity and uniqueness.

And this bold blend caught the eye of Mela – South Africa’s Indian magazine show for those who boast an insatiable appetite for life.

The bubbly, charismatic Carishma Basday came calling at the Haute Edit Style Soiree and Pop-up Boutique.

Her light banter with the creative mind driving the Haute Edit brand, Kumari Govender, covered a lot of ground. They spoke about Kumari’s storybook shift into the world of fashion from the domain of project management.

Kumari paid verbal homage to her mother from whom she inherits both the love of feminine lines and the deep appreciation of patterns.

Wonder why Haute Edit pieces aren’t commercialized and drop-shipped en masse?

Kumari explored her fascination with one-off, investment items and the influence of Rajasthan that is evident in the decadent Haute Edit silk robes, duster coats and kimonos.

Here’s a video of Mela’s segment for you:

The Haute Edit Style Soiree is an exclusive VIP pass event meant for those who treasure beauty and style. Keep your eyes on the blog to learn more about how you can attend next season!

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Source: hauteedit.com

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