Hey Gorgeous Winter Loving Beauty Review

I love being introduced to South African products, my carbon footprint just feels a lot lighter for it. I also love finding cute packaging (because I find most are so serious and sleek) so you can just imagine how thrilled I was to receive some Hey Gorgeous Skincare products!

Yes the brand is South Africa, I totally wouldn’t know either because their facebook page is so well managed, just streaming with stunning photographs of their unlimited variety of products. I was sent two products to try especially for these cold winter months and just adored them.

Hey Gorgeous
Hey Gorgeous

The first product I tried was the Hey Gorgeous Cupcake Bath Bomb which can be easily mistaken for a real cupcake; and even if you do nibble on it I’m sure you’ll be fine because there are no chemicals Darlings (seriously not advised though). They are decorated by hand which makes each one unique but consistently all the bath fizzes contain epsom salts to sooth tired muscles, jojoba and grapeseed to moisturise the skin as well as cleanse. So pop one in your steaming bath and relax while you enjoy the fabulous aroma of strawberry, peaches, vanilla or butterscotch.

Hey Gorgeous Cupcake bath bombs
Hey Gorgeous Cupcake Bath Bomb 4 for R120

After that relaxing bath I decided to mousturise with the Hey Gorgeous Coconut Souffle  which is actually a fabulous body oil. It is like a thick/chunky cream form but when it touches your skin it melts into an oil to easily moisturise the driest of skins making it soft, smooth and smelling so tasty! It is made with organic coconut oil, cocoa butter and essential oils. They also do different consistencies of their moisturisers from a light lotion, creamy mousse to a thick body butter – just right for all those different skin types but the same yummy flavours!

Hey Gorgeous Cupcake Bath Bombs 4 for R120,  Hey Gorgeous Coconut Souffle R130 for 250g.

Hey Gorgeous Coconut Souffle
Hey Gorgeous Coconut Souffle R130 for 250g

Oh but it doesn’t stop there, there are so many delicious products I just have to try out! I am so keen to try their Rose Water Toner because I hear so many great things about rose water for skincare. The lime and coconut scrub sounds tantalizing, the tinted moisturisers could be a great daily cover alternative and I just want to spoil my Dad with the really awesome Hello Handsome collection!

Oh I could go on for days but that is why I am so excited for their brunch at the end of the month. At the event you can test out and buy their products as well as have great food from Cape Town’s finest ‘Green’ restaurant Dear Me.

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Image Credits: Hey Gorgeous Skincare

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