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Since the launch of the Nanoblur product from Indeed Lab I have been using all the products that we got in our goodie bag and I can tell you in the time that I have used these products I can see and feel the difference in my skin. It may not be glamorous packaging but it’s not about that but rather about the product (they say). I ,however, just adore how I let these little tubes stand in order of the routine I use them. Colour-coded in a delightful order I need it and it also goes in a sort of rainbow pattern like below.

Indeed Lab Products exclusive to Clicks
Indeed Lab Products exclusive to selected Clicks stores nationwide

Nanoblur is an instantly effective correction cream that is just perfect for all us fabulous people whose life is constantly captured on Facebook and Instagram. What it does is smooths out visible skin imperfections. This water-based formula can get really addictive because you begin to feel like it’s the ultimate way your skin should look. For me it feels likes a thin seal and at first it feels like it is tightening on my face but as it dries it didn’t feel like anything is on (but it lasts all day).

I found that for day time after my beauty routine I just put on a tinted primer on spots and then nanoblur all over my face (so I don’t wear any make up) just so I can have that flawless natural look. For my night time look I would put on my liquid foundation and concealer where needed, then apply nanoblur and then my blush, highlighter and all the rest of it. (remember to apply nanoblur before the powder products because it mixes with the nanoblur and doesn’t give the best look).

nanoblur™ retails for R299,99 from selected Clicks stores nationwide.


Hydraluron is a formula of Hyaluronic acid and red marine algae. Hyaluronic acid is an incredibly hydration ingredient that holds up to 1,000 times its weight in water. While the red marine algae optimizes the penetration of the Hyaluronic acid. The result truely is a better hydrated, more radiant, youthful and plumped up skin.

The eco-babe in me also loves it because it is 100% free from animal-derived raw materials and organic-solvent remnants. Now ladies this product is not a substitute for your face creams this actually helps all your usual routine products to work better. Your products will seep into key deep layers of the skin, refilling spaces that have been formed due to the ageing process. So even after one use I could feel my skin was more hydrated and glowing.

hydraluron™ is available from 25 June 2013 for R399,99 from selected Clicks stores nationwide.


okrapeptide is a natural facial serum alternative to cosmetic injectables, targeting expression lines with plant based peptides and combining the added benefit of okra’s powerful antioxidant properties. This Indeed Lab product reduces the appearance of expression lines and wrinkles with oligopeptides which is an amino acid with muscle relaxing properties.

This clear serum is easily absorbed and the results can be seen instantly yet is very effective in the long term. So if you are interested in natural, but clinically proven, anti-aging products than this serum is for you.

okrapeptide™ is available from 25 June 2013 for R399,99 from selected Clicks stores nationwide.


Lastly snoxin is a revolutionary skin serum which is guaranteed to significantly improve wrinkles, sagging skin and textural irregularities, long term. It is a multi-peptide treatment which has been proven to reduce dynamic wrinkles by 52% in 28 days, sagginess by 28% in 56 days and wrinkle depth by 22% in 51 days.

I absolutely love that this product is non-greasy, fragrance and paraben free. Snoxin contains six of the most effective, next-generation anti-aging peptides at their highest tolerable concentration.  Which all results in reduced muscular contractions which lead to the appearance of dynamic lines and wrinkles. Secondly it increases collagen production by stimulating the skin’s natural processes and lastly it forms a more uniform collagen support matrix by stimulating the skin’s repair processes.

snoxin™ (30ml) retails for R499,99 from selected Clicks stores nationwide.

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