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La Mer The Concentrate

In July this year, I invested a fortune in the complete Nimue skincare range and treatments, which included home-care products and TCA Peels, to help improve pigmentation. The result has been a total nightmare – from dealing with Nimue consultants and beauty therapists who have changed their prescriptions and skincare advice daily to the terrible, painful and continuous breakouts that have surfaced since having these Nimue treatments – I was so excited when The Concentrate landed on my desk for review.

This miraculous healer was inspired by La Mer founder Dr. Max Huber’s quest to diminish the appearance of his own scars following a laboratory accident. Designed for fragile, post-trauma skin or for depleted, compromised skin in need of renewal, this ultra-potent formulation improves tone and texture by visibly soothing redness and irritation.

La Mer The Concentrate
La Mer The Concentrate

The Concentrate is infused with a high dose of La Mer’s Miracle Broth™. This precious, nutrient-rich essence lies at the heart of La Mer’s profound powers of transformation and is known worldwide for its legendary healing properties.

The Concentrate enables the skin to repair and restore its appearance. It soothes irritation and redness caused by cosmetic procedures. It moisturizes skin, helping alleviate the feelings of tight or taut skin often associated with scars and improves the appearance of scars and stretch marks.

I have been using (apply and thoroughly massage) The Concentrate twice daily for around 4 weeks now and I have noticed a huge improvement with my skin. In fact some of the scarring as a result of the bad breakouts have completely disappeared. The product does exactly what it promises to – it complements the skin’s natural healing process and improves the appearance of scars.

After seeing such awesome results, I decided to follow La Mer’s scientists recommendation by using The Concentrate in tandem with Crème de la Mer to synergize its renewing benefits. So I happily purchased The Tonic, The Cleansing Gel, The Moisturising Gel Cream and The SPF 30 UV Protecting Fluid to assist in my skins total renewal process. I will update you on the results.

The great news is that The Concentrate 30 ml, will launch in South Africa in October 2011 and will complement the existing 50ml that is currently available.

La Mer The Concentrate
Retail Price – R2,500.00 for the 30ml and R4,200.00 for the 50ml

Disclaimer: Product featured was supplied for review

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  1. Jolene
    December 30, 2016 / 6:47 pm

    Good day. I have always had blemish-free skin until about 2 years Ago When I did full facial threading which was very painful. I made the 2nd MISTAKE by doing full facial waxing . I was left with horrible brown marks and blemishes. I have spent money on peels dermapen but no results. Unfortunately I cannot afford La mer. If I could get one sample of one product that could fade my blemishes I would really consider saving up for it. I can’t afford to waste more money but I wish I could get my flawless skin back.

    • December 31, 2016 / 10:38 am

      Hi Jolene, You must maybe consider using a barrier repair cream after waxing or threading. Dermalogica has an amazing one that helps prevent breakouts after facial waxing. For your pigmentation and scaring I will highly recommend Laser Genesis (available at Skin Renewal) paired with a good Vitamin C serum. I use the Professional-C Serum 20% by Obagi which I get from Skin Renewal as well. It is very well priced and also available via the Skin Renewal online store http://www.skinrenewal.co.za/obagi

      You should definitely see good results. My second option for a good serum would be one by Filorga (very affordable) or Dermalogica (they offer samples if you want to try before you buy). And a good sunblock is also essential! Hope this helps.

    • Editor
      November 4, 2011 / 6:16 pm

      Aww… maybe visit a La Mer counter and sample it at least x