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I usually never post negative reviews on StyleSociety. I prefer to rather focus on the positives and not share my disappointments here but after the appalling service we’ve received from Long Beach Golf & Spa Resort in Belle Mare, Mauritius; I decided to write this post.

Hubby and I just returned from a holiday in Mauritius. This was our first trip to Mauritius and it is safe to say that we will not be returning anytime soon and most definitely not to Long Beach Resort. Right from the start I would like to highlight that this holiday cost us Seventy-Two Thousand Rands (R72 000.00) on a full-board package and it was booked via Exotic Vacations based in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Day 1: We arrived at the Hotel close onto midnight (local time in Mauritius) on 22/10/13. We were greeted with two tots of peach juice. We sat in the reception area whilst being booked in by the night staff. We were then taken to a Seaview Room located on the top floor and not the Superior Beachfront Room with direct access to the beach we had booked and paid for. When we brought this to the attention of the staff we were told that this was in fact the accommodation we had booked. It was too late to call our travel agent so we then called for the manager who informed us that there were no rooms available as the hotel was overbooked but that he will do us a favour and move us to the Superior Beachfront Room, which we had booked and paid for in the morning.

Prior to travelling, Exotic Vacations had requested a late dinner on our behalf due to our late arrival time but nothing was arranged when we arrived. We had to ask for a midnight snack on arrival. There was nothing for us to eat and the manager, Erico, then kindly asked us to order from the night menu at no cost.

Day 2: Upon waking we called the reception desk and spoke to Chundun. He confirmed that we had booked a Superior Beachfront Room and he would move us to the ground floor. We waited from 10am to 2pm to be moved to our new room, which pretty much ruined our day as we sat and waited to be moved. During this time we had to call the frontdesk on a few occasions to remind them that we are waiting to be moved. Later on Chundun called us to offer us the last 3 days at another hotel (not all inclusive). The reason given was that this hotel was fully booked. Much to our dismay we said that we would think about it but then thought the request to be ridiculous given that we had paid R72 000.00 for this holiday.

Day 3: This was the first day that we decided to have lunch. We enquired at the shore bar as to where lunch was served. The barman and other staff told us that the lunch buffet would be at the shore bar (near the pool) at 12:30pm. Unassumingly we went to the buffet just after 12:30. As we were helping ourselves to a meal one of the restaurant staff, an Indian gentleman, came up to us and rudely shouted that the buffet was for kids only and that he would charge us. It was his staff that sent us there in the first place. He then went over to a French couple sitting nearby and started discussing this with them. He was extremely rude and embarrassing.

Day 4: I was not feeling too well and couldn’t go for dinner so my hubby went up to the buffet area to arrange to get dinner sent to my room. The staff were quite helpful and willingly obliged. On his way back to the room hubby decided to stop over at the Tides Bar for a drink and listen to the Live Band. A young lady (non Indian descent, short, short hair and dark skinned) came up to him and asked him something in French which he did not understand. She then rudely asked him in English if he was a guest and what was he doing there? She assumed that my husband was a local trying to utilize the bar facilties.

My hubby then returned to the room in shock about what had just happened. We complained to the manager, Erico who apologized. We would never have imagined paying so much for a holiday to be treated so poorly. It was shocking indeed!

We then tried to enquire about the first flight out to Cape Town but the agent told us that earliest would be on 29/10/13. We were livid with the disgusting service and really felt out of place in a resort that we had paid so much to stay in.

Day5: Trying to give the resort a chance to redeem itself and enjoy what was left of our miserable stay, hubby booked a boat trip with Sameer at the sports centre who was extremely friendly and helpful. The booking was made for the next day.

Day 6: There were very strong winds and rough seas that morning. Upon enquiring if it was safe, the driver of the boat assured us that the trip would be fine. About ten minutes into the trip we were greeted with huge swells and I was injured on the boat. I was badly bruised on my arms and forearms. We were not given life jackets and asked to sit right upfront (which is the most dangerous area to sit in). Hubby immediately insisted that the driver turn around and return to shore which he did.

En-route he told us that he was just a driver and not the owner. He told us that we did not need to pay, as we had not headed too far out. He also wanted to book another trip for the next day in a bigger boat but we were advised by one of the lifeguards at the boathouse that the weather would be worse the next day. We humbly declined to book another trip.

Sameer informed us on the day prior to our departure, that the driver was indeed the owner and he wanted the Rs.15000 to be paid. We refused and the bill was dropped to Rs.8000. Whilst settling the bill on our last night hubby spoke to Oliver who brought the bill down even further to Rs.6000.

Hubby responded by telling him that we were taken out to sea by an experienced local contractor who knew of the bad weather and turbulent sea conditions, not issued with life jackets thus putting our lives in danger, injuries sustained to myself due to the instability of the boat and poor conditions at sea and being told by the so called “driver/owner” that we would not be charged. We were most definitely going to take this up legally. He then called back saying he would not charge us for the trip.

As you can deduce, this was a horrific, disgusting, painful experience at Long Beach Hotel. The general service was poor. The staff at all the bars were not very receptive to us. We had a miserable time there and would never recommend any colleagues or friends to ever go to Long Beach, particularly Indians. Had there been an earlier flight to Cape Town, we would have left as soon as possible.

After our terrible experience I checked Long Beach Hotel on TripAdvisor and saw many poor reviews from others travelers, especially Indians who were also treated poorly at this resort. That itself speaks volumes about the poor service, pathetic attitudes of staff members particularly to Indians as many initially thought that we were locals. I shudder to think what the locals are treated like.

All of these complaints were forwarded to Exotic Vacations and Long Beach Resort in a detailed letter and no response was received from the Resort.



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