Love my Aura anklet from @HaatiChai

I was introduced to Haati Chai a month ago when I accidentally stumbled upon one of their jewellery pics on Instagram. I loved the Indian inspired range so much that I immediately visited the Haati Chai online store to swoon and was pleasantly surprised to find that they shipped to South Africa. I was immensely drawn to this range as I felt the same connection to the culture we share and the trendy designs just seal the deal.

“Haati Chai” literally meaning “elephant and tea” in Bengali was started March of 2011, in Los Angeles, California by designer Stella Simona.


“Haati Chai” by Stella Simona
“Haati Chai” by Stella Simona  (image credit Haati Chai)

 “I want everyone to explore different concepts, your jewelry reflects your mood, personality.

It is you, it tells your story.

A lot of people are afraid to explore their options when accessorizing.

I want Haati Chai to give you a new perspective.

Haati Chai jewelry is for anyone that considers themselves trendy, fashionable, or just wants a beautiful one of a kind piece of jewelry.”

– Stella Simona

“Haati Chai” by Stella Simona
“Haati Chai” by Stella Simona   (image credit Haati Chai)

I have to agree with Stella Simona, there is some magical uniqueness about each product. Representing the art of design as a form of expression that is creatively awakening, she blends culture with elegant designs that cannot simply be defined as jewelry.

I obviously could not resist my purchase but I decided to order just one item keeping in mind my big shopping splurge in Dubai a few months ago – I am trying to tone down the spending. In other words… I’m being a good girl 😉

Aura Anklet by Haati Chai
Aura Anklet by Haati Chai   (image credit Haati Chai)

It wasn’t easy to chose and settle for just one piece as I had so many favourites but I finally settled for the Aura Anklet. I thought it was a great choice seeing that it could be used as an anklet and hand-piece and I know that it would come to great use especially on my island holidays…

Just arrived from @haatichai
Love my Aura anklet

My Aura anklet arrived beautifully packaged in just a week and yes, I am very pleased with my purchase. It was the right choice for me.

Aura Anklet by Haati Chai – Retail Price $69.00 (R690.00)
Visit the Haati Chai website here

Please Note: This is not a featured post. The above product was Purchased for my personal use.

Photo credits : Haati Chai and StyleSociety

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