Amp up your makeup organisation efforts

27Pinkx Luxury Makeup Organizer

This piece is for all the capricious mavens out there who just can’t be satisfied with brand monogamy. Despite my perennial fascination with the exotic offerings of Coco Chanel, I do find myself indulging in Givenchy and Elizabeth Arden as well. Guilty pleasures right?

Well, thanks to my substantial investments in objects of desire, I have collected a considerable hoard of beauty enhancing accessories. And they are precious to me beyond words. I have always fantasized about being disciplined with my belongings. Think ‘Coral Chanel blush’ and immediately know where to look for it. But despite my strong OCD streak, it gets hard to keep track of items when new members are always joining the old stalwarts.

From my traveling engagements around the world to the lovely brands who insist upon sending in complimentary samples to my indomitable makeup obsession that just can’t be satisfied with ‘less is more’ where make-up is concerned, organization is something I pay attention to and brainstorm about frequently.

If you can understand the incredible excitement of setting your eyes on a dizzying array of colours and brands, quickly followed by the sinking feeling of ‘Oh gosh….where is it?’ read on!


The internet is inundated with DIY makeup organization tips and techniques. Some of them are quite innovative and do deserve an applause. But for me, nothing but the best will do. So no plastic bottle cut offs or mason jar how-tos. With these ideas, you will clean up your table de toilette in style!


My @27pinkx luxury organizer arrived today and I have to say the OCD freak in me loves it

My @27pinkx luxury organizer arrived today and I have to say the OCD freak in me loves it

It is art, it is luxury, and it is my holy grail! Just last year I finally chanced upon this behemoth and was instantly in love. It is spacious; it is lightweight yet sturdy, and best of all, it is blessedly transparent allowing me to spot my everyday favourites and my party pleasures with equal ease.

I make it a point always to organize in levels. Each rack corresponds to a particular type of accessory and then rows and columns stand for the brands. I find it a better approach to sorting by size or colour.

Believe it or not, even this mammoth creation can’t hold everything I own. And that is where some creative thinking comes into play. Let’s discuss some makeup storage hacks that will leave you thinking, ‘Hmmm….why didn’t I come up with this?’


An incredibly sexy fragrance bursting with citrus and floral tones... BVLGARI's Mon Jasmin Noir never disappoints ❤️

An incredibly sexy fragrance bursting with citrus and floral tones… BVLGARI’s Mon Jasmin Noir never disappoints ❤️

Are you storing your fragrances where they get jostled frequently? Stop doing that. Delicate aromas need to be handled with care. Perfume bottles must stand tall and have ‘breathing space’.

I love using cake decoration racks to give my fragrances place of pride. Beautiful ceramic or even silver stands are sturdy yet baroque, perfectly matching my ‘larger than life’ style.

Feeling inspired already??


I will admit that I picked this up from a friend with a blush and compact fetish. But it is simple yet elegant. Your compacts are three times more delicate than all your other beauty accessories and can crack very easily. We have all had that moment of horror when the pristine white of our favourite press powder has revealed a spider’s web of striations.

Not anymore. Tack small magnet discs to the bottom of your compacts with a hot glue gun and purchase a length of decorative metallic sheeting in the colour of your boudoir. Discreetly stick the discs to the sheet and you have a magnificent bird’s eye view of all your shades and brands. This will be less overwhelming.


Ah…makeup brushes. Can’t live without them! Granted their usefulness, they also happen to the hardest to dig up in the time of need. I use this hack just because it looks amazing. If you have crystal vases you no longer use, you can fill them up with coffee beans and sink your brushes into them for great grip and excellent organization. I prefer to have two of these set-ups handy. One for the fluffier powder brushes and the other for the smaller precision applicators!


This one brings together two passions of my life – lipsticks and cupcakes. I happen to have an extremely ornate cupcake stand that I use to stack my pout enhancers. Glosses and lipsticks both take to this hack with élan and add a touch of old-world glamour that sets off my new-age Perspex lovely commendably.


I have high maintenance hair. There the cat is out of the bag. I possess an army of minions who tame my glorious mane with their ministrations. I am talking about my curlers and tongs. I do not like shoving them in with my makeup because they are bulky and take up a lot of precious space. The best way to keep them separate and prevent cord entanglement is to use stylish magazine holders. Just ensure that your implements cool down sufficiently before storing them.

And that’s it. Five uber-fashionable organization tips that drip finesse and style. What is your pet makeup storage hack? Let us know in the comments. A community that innovates together stays together! Till next time.

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post