Whispers of new hope and dreams

Don’t you just enjoy all the promises that a ‘New Year’ holds? Sweet moments of reflection and whispers of new hope and dreams. I love these thoughts of gratitude; that reminds me to stay connected to what’s genuinely important in life.

As part of my birthday celebration this year, I am launching a new initiative called Fashion For Literacy where I am pledging another 67 pairs of shoes for underprivileged children in need at neighbouring schools. This untold joy is what moves me to make a difference where I can, even in the simplest ways, expressed in my latest #FashionForLiteracy. Some families cannot afford the cost of school shoes, school uniforms, school fees and stationery.

Fashion For Literacy will assist by providing school shoes via direct donation to children in need, changing their life, one pair at a time.

If you are aware of any child that needs a pair of school shoes, please contact me

Fashion For Literacy
Fashion For Literacy


I am fully committed to this cause as I believe in the importance of creating literacy-rich classrooms, particularly when poverty forces many of our local kids to quit school at an early age.

I am hoping that my Fashion For Literacy campaign is well received by all my StyleSociety readers (including you!).

How can you help contribute to the success of this campaign:
– Get people talking about #FashionForLiteracy
– Share my official launch post on social media
– Get in touch if you know of any child in need of school shoes, uniforms or stationery
– Make a Pledge towards my campaign! A box of crayons, a pair of shoes, etc

Remember, a little random act of kindness can have a huge impact on someone’s life and make the biggest difference in the world.

January 2014

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