Nanoblur Launch from Indeed Lab

Tried and Tested | Nanoblur launch for Indeed Lab

Indeed Lab is an innovative company that has just launched exclusively at Clicks stores around South Africa. Last week they hosted a launch for their award winning product Nanoblur at The Villa at Ellerman House in Camps Bay. It was on that especially warm, sunny day just before this Winter cold got here. So it was a perfect day to soak up that spectacular view, try out this new beauty product and, of course, with a glass of bubbly.

After a while of mingling with bloggers, beauty editors and SA celebs like Cindy Nel we were gathered inside to witness the magic of Nanoblur. I spoke to the model before hand and she said there were literal gasps around the room in the morning session of the launch. So the test was 40 seconds of applying Nanoblur to the model’s face while 40 seconds of a graphic designer retouching a photograph of the model on Photoshop.

As fast as the graphic designer could he swept his digital wand over her pigmentation to blur the colours into a flawless complection, while Dia Foley, VP of Sales and Marketing of Indeed Lab, applied the Nanoblur product over her skin, lightly dabbing the product all over her face, mattifying her T-zone, blurring the pigmentation on her cheeks and if she had fine lines, it would have camouflaged that too.

Tried and Tested | Nanoblur launch for Indeed Lab
Tried and Tested | Nanoblur launch for Indeed Lab
Indeed Lab Products now in South Africa
Indeed Lab Products now in South Africa
Nanoblur launch for Indeed Lab
Nanoblur launch for Indeed Lab

Well in 40 seconds the graphic designer didn’t get very far, while Dia Foley invited us all to come see the difference from the model’s before shot and after applying Nanoblur. This got us all excited to try it for ourselves and as I walked around the room, even the men were trying it. I could see the biggest  effect over fine lines and over clean skin. (but you can apply the product over your make up as well)

While it was all very stunning to watch the sun set on Camps Bay, we had to go home and test the Indeed Lab products ourselves.

You can now buy the  nanoblur™ product for R299,99 from selected Clicks stores nationwide.

Read more on their Website www.indeedlabs.com

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