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Inspired, or shall we say uninspired, by my one-line email invitation to the office Christmas party last week, I thought it appropriate to address the ‘after work’ outfit shift; a tricky thing to master and something the Parisians, of course, do with absolute ease. It is particularly something we all try to get our heads around at this time of year when the office feels the need to throw the often dull often hilarious Christmas party; the dread of every employee.

© Copyright gmzimmermann.com
© Copyright gmzimmermann.com

The innate Parisian ability to blend seamlessly from day to eveningwear is, most likely, due to evolution. Their working day ends rather later than anything I have seen before; most offices are full until 7 pm and therefore, these beings have of course, as is only natural, evolved; survival of the chicest. No I do not mean literally, their hairstyles do not develop staying power over centuries, they are not miraculously coiffed from 10 am until their evening soiree, but they have of course learnt the tricks of their trade, skills I have observed to be exemplified in the shoe. The daytime heel is revered in this country, any height and almost any style is appropriate and acceptable and lends itself perfectly to the apero. Apero is the term coined for an after-work-drink, yes, such an inherent part of their culture that is has been accorded its very own word; if there were ever a nation so apt to learn from in this situation, one could be sure it is the French.

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As ever, simplicity is key, don’t over-do and wear your 4-inch-hooker-heels to work. No that is not how to make friends; keen observation has informed me that on these occasions it is best to arm yourself with a pair of heeled boots. Famed for their versatility, the heeled boots have been in season every winter for as long as time. Fact. If you do not own a pair, hang your head in style-less shame. A staple item that improves with age? YES PLEASE. And of course with such a long life and fixed investment, resulting in a particular (eventually) minimum price per wear index, if you need me to get mathematical about it. Of course, do not rock up in boots alone, although feel free to see how that goes down). You will need to add the following ingredients: a well-fitted pair of jeans in black or blue, or if you’re daring/young enough a very opaque black legging, an oversized chiffon shirt and a boxy blazer.

No this isn’t groundbreaking, in fact, it’s quite insulting how glaringly simple this is… Add to your handbag a necklace and your makeup (a slick of eye shadow and a quick mascara reapplication) and you’ll be laughing. Of course, if you want to do tragically over/under made-up for the office do, please be my guest but remember in that case, it’ll be everyone else laughing.

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Darcy Nicholson is officially now (as deemed by Marie Claire) a ‘par-don’, living the glamorous life of a Londoner in Paris; from this perspective, she comments on the life and times of French fashion, the legend, and the reality. She suffers through shops, bars and the streets in between to bring you the news on what is a la mode.

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