Paris Fashion | What to wear to Christmas Lunch?

Paris Fashion - What to wear to Christmas Lunch [vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Is your family the type to dress up for Christmas lunch? Does everyone disappear for an hour or so to do their hair and slip into their glad rags before the main event? Or is the 25th December a declared pyjama day? Do you struggle to brush even your hair or jump in the shower? I would hope, for glamour’s sake that we were all capable of a quick shower on Christmas day but I also know that this is sometimes unlikely. I come from a small family who relish time together; we don’t do Christmas drinks or midnight mass, in fact, I’m on house arrest from 4 pm Christmas Eve. So for us, the concept of make-up, jewellery or even shoes on the big day, is beyond all comprehension, although they are all, of course, expected as gifts…


I have once attended a Christmas drinks party that slipped through the net, and it is this experience that I base my understanding of Christmas attire on. Seemingly, novelty earrings are acceptable on grown women, sequins should be worn as often and as garishly as possible, in fact, sparkles of any and every kind seem to be as compulsory as over-inebriation. And so it would appear that as an outsider looking in, I would have been baffled, bewildered and delirious with laughter at the sight of us all shimmering away, swaying to Mariah Carey’s dulcet tones (also alarmingly appropriate at this time of year).

This is of course how French Christmas feels to me, I am very much mouth open, hands cupping my face, watching through the window. I have met one Parisian in a Christmas Jumper (who was far too smiley to have been a real Parisian), I was the only person in the entire city to sport fluffy earmuffs until my supportive (and probably pitying) flatmate joined me last week, and you can forget sequins.

Mind you, I can’t imagine that you Southern-Hemisphereans are sporting any of these items either. I often forget that fashion is not as Universal at it may seem, yes the basics are there, the big trends transcend borders and hemispheres but little quirks, little traditions, the things that complete the whole sometimes don’t travel that far.

If your family are traditionalists, and you dress up for your meal, I can only recommend the great LBD with perhaps a Christmas flourish of dark red lipstick, for pyjama days I would opt for a little luxury; the softest slippers, dressing gown, the lot. And if you’re in the sun for Christmas then I equally pity you and envy you; for missing this glistening snow and for being warm.

Christmas day, however, you spend it, is a poor excuse to let your basic fashion principles drop so whatever it is you do, do it well, do it in style and if you find yourself on the Naughty List, hey, at least, you look good.

Joyeux Noel à toutes et à tous.

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Darcy Nicholson is officially now (as deemed by Marie Claire) a ‘par-don’, living the glamorous life of a Londoner in Paris; from this perspective, she comments on the life and times of French fashion, the legend, and the reality. She suffers through shops, bars and the streets in between to bring you the news on what is a la mode.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]