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I have always been a rather naive supporter of the Investment Piece.  I have never had a large enough salary to invest in such a garment; until now. Now that I am working in an office, I find myself with this lovely paycheck every month, and if I squint hard enough when I look at the final sum, it looks like a healthy amount so last week I actually invested and I am soon to be (when delivery finally reaches la France) the owner of a beautiful Sheepskin Coat.

Soft Merinos Sheepskin Maud Coat
©JOSEPH – Soft Sheepskin Coat

Before anyone gets upset with me for spending a lot of money on one item of clothing let me explain a few things, things which are the making of the Investment Piece. First and foremost it is practical, it is black, it does its job; it is warm and soft and of a high quality; it will last. Secondly, it is stylish, but it is not THAT cool; seeing as it’s physically built to last, it must transcend time and place and expressly not be too à la mode; there is a reason shoulder pads are not an investment, but good denim is. And thirdly I love it; not only because it was half-price in a mental January sale but because it is jaw-droppingly scrumptious and I will love it until forever.

A good coat is a great place to start for your first Investment Piece, watching the people pass here, there isn’t a cheap coat in sight (except my Hennies trench), and everyone knows how good they look and how warm they feel compared to me, yes I saved a little money but I look temporary, and I look cheap (not for long).

Shearling coat

An Investment Coat is the mark of an adult, of someone with enough money and enough sense to recognize that winter comes every year without fail and will do forever, someone with the logic to know that forking out a little now will save them money in the future- indeed, if I added up the money I have spent on cheap coats over the last 8 years, I could have had two Sheepskin beauties, and neither of them would have fallen apart at the seams.

A smart shopper is an investment shopper, and it only takes a few sturdy pieces to form the basis of a forever wardrobe; a coat, a pair of boots and two excellent pairs of jeans (one blue and one black), the Parisians know that, and now you do too.

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Darcy Nicholson is officially now (as deemed by Marie Claire) a ‘par-don’, living the glamorous life of a Londoner in Paris; from this perspective, she comments on the life and times of French fashion, the legend, and the reality. She suffers through shops, bars, and the streets in between to bring you the news on what is a la mode.