Pug Loving | Meet StyleSociety Pugs Zeus & Zara

Zara Puglovin

I received so many compliments, requests for pics and comments regarding my darling pugs and that was the inspiration behind this quick introduction!

If you are one of my Facebook friends or follow me on Instagram you have probably seen many pics of my loves! And yes – hubby and I are totally in love and obsessed with these two! They are super special and make our every smile 🙂

Zeus is a whopping 16 months and Zara, our little princess, just turned one! What they lack in size, they more than make up for with personality! Stylish ones meet Zeus and Zara!

For more pics of our adorable StyleSociety Pugs Zeus and Zara please click here

StyleSociety Pugs - Zeus and Zara

StyleSociety Pugs – Zeus and Zara

Pug Loving - Zeus and Zara

Pug Loving – Zeus and Zara

Photo credits: StyleSociety