Pop up Boutique Raves & Reviews

Fashionistas, Thank You for your support which made the first instalment of StyleSociety Pop Up Boutique an outstanding success.

Here are some of our Raves and Reviews:

Food and Fabulous on StyleSociety:  Glitz and Glamour at the Fire and Ice Hotel Kumari with Elizabeth Arden consultant I had been reading Kumari’s (who tweets as @CapeTownFashion) tweets over the last few months about the Style Society’s Pop Up Boutique featuring  fashion and accessory designers, hair and beauty make-overs and more. When she announced that it was going to be […]

boguslavskysisters on StyleSociety: What a fabulous morning. Huge props to @CapeTownFashion for organising such a fabulous event at the Fire & Icel Hotel in Cape Town. I spent the morning browsing clothes from some of the best local designers, sipping wine, and getting life changing hair advice (apparently my face is a triangular…)

SA Fashion Breed on StyleSociety:  A few weeks ago I stumbled across a Facebook event called StyleSociety Pop Up Boutique and Fashion Soiree that was going to be happening at the trendy Fire and Ice Hotel in Cape Town on 27 November 2010. It was organized by Kumari Govender of StyleSociety…

When Jas meets her Apple on StyleSociety:  A few weeks ago My friend Mei invited me to a Facebook event called StyleSociety Pop Up Boutique. And thanks to Kumari from StyleSociety, the organizer for the tickets that I am able to go to this event at Fire and Ice! Hotel in Cape Town on 27 November 2010. …

JuicyAfrica on StyleSociety: Pop up boutiques have taken over the urban cosmopolitan centres of the world. In this age of BlackBerries and instant messaging, there’s a growing sense of haste in people’s lives. In response, companies trying to get consumers’ attention are trying to create a sense of urgency. …

SA Fashion Girl on StyleSociety:  On Saturday I went to the Style Society Pop Up Boutique. I’ve always loved the concept of pop up shops. I feel like there’s something a little 60s about them, a bunch of different items in a traveling store is kind of like an art installation in itself. When designers and creators mingle with the public, there’s a little bit of magic going on.

FashionJazz  I attended the  Style Society pop up boutique with my gal pal Sianna. We were very impressed by everything, the goodie bags were amazing and we got to meet new up and coming designers and I found a few that I totally fell in love with…

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