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Dr Hauschka Dear Eyes Set

Sometimes it’s easier to brush lots of crazy colours on your face than having to create a natural look, as just too much shimmer might be too shiny or matte too dull. So Dr hauschka has brought their Dear Eyes limited edition collection for you to recreate a simply stunning look everyday.

Dr Hauschka gifted me the Dear Eyes set at the launch so I thought I’d share my thoughts on the products.

The Eyeshadow Trio

The Eyeshadow Trio comes in a limited edition rose gold packaging that Karim Sattar says they did not want to be trendy but that their WALA head office roof has been copper for years and a signature for them. What I love about this palette is that three shades are natural and vary in shimmer, where the shiniest is the beige one that can also be used as a highlighter. So it needs to catch all that beautiful light in it’s shimmer. While the rose colour is a soft touch of colour on the skin, together with the beige it can be used as a blush as well. Lastly the chocolate is a matte eyeshadow that calms the shimmery bits to give depth to the crease of your eye. Remember there are no preservatives in the products so don’t get the eyeshadows wet in the pot or germs may accumulate and cause nasty things to those sparkling gems of yours.

Dr Hauschka Dear Eyes Eyeshadow Trio
Dr Hauschka Dear Eyes Eyeshadow Trio

Kajal Eyeliner Black

I am very fussy about kajal eyeliners because I find it’s such a struggle to get product on the eye without feeling like I’m drawing with a dry pen (pressing harder and harder on the surface to get the colour out) but what Dr Haushcka has done with theirs is added marula oil and black tea so that it has a softer lead in the pencil that can easily glide onto the eyelid. Hence no pressure, no tears.

Volume Mascara

Mascara is one of the most launched product in the world, so we don’t blame you for not knowing which one to choose, because 80% of the effect of mascara is dependent on the brush(wand) and only 20% on the liquid formula. So Karim Sattar helped redesign their wand with a big fluffy brush, I prefer this type of thick brushes over those plastic wands because the effect is more natural as it gets every last lash and doesn’t clump lashes together. I also found that this mascara is not heavy, it feels very natural on that I forget that I’m wearing mascara at all.

Definer and Blender brush

There is really no better investment in your beauty kit than some good brushes, having good brushes is up there with the right colour foundation. So when I heard that these brushes were made of cruelty-free pony hair I was firstly taken aback but then pleased. It really was a soft brush, yes nowadays the synthetics can feel great too but it’s not very ‘green’ now is it. If you care for your brushes they can last for ever, Dr Hauschka believes in maintenance of products so clean them properly weekly.

Dr Hauschka creates amazing products like this so you can live a sustainable and beautiful lifestyle. Wouldn’t you agree?

Dr Hauschka Dear Eyes Eye Definer Brush
Dr Hauschka Dear Eyes Eye Definer Brush

Eyeshadow Trio – R440.00

Kajal Eyeliner Black – R233.00

Volume Mascara – R377.00

Eyeshadow Blender Brush – R303.00

Eyeshadow Definer Brush – R253.00




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  1. LotsaLoveLissa
    April 12, 2013 / 11:39 am

    Love the rose gold packaging!