Review | Essence Moisturizing Cream-Gel

Beauty is not gained by expensive products. Taking the time to stop, and take care of yourself is the first step to flawless skin. So even on a budget with a little time and routine your skin can look and feel beautiful. Now don’t quote me the more expensive products do have those shmancy ingredients in it that result in breathtakingly radiant skin, but your skin will appreciate the effort you are trying, it’s like with any good relationship and it will love you back.

Review | Essence Moisturizing Cream-Gel
Review | Essence Moisturizing Cream-Gel R29.95

So this post is for the ladies who don’t have the money or time and the bad skin to prove it.

Well it sounds harsh but it’s because it’s true right ( I know because I have been there) So I have tried out some of the Essence range and thought I’d share this product with you. (at R29.95 it is well in any ladies budget)

The first thing that I loved about the Essence My Skin Moisturizing Cream-Gel is the scent, it has a zesty and fresh light scent that feels just like it smells. With it’s active ingredients being Lime and Cucumber you can instantly feel a lift of refreshment. Lime extract refreshes and refines pores while cucumber extract intensively moisturises. I wasn’t too mad about the texture as it’s a very watery lotion like consistency but it was really pleasing to apply as it kind of wakes you up. Which is just fab in the mornings and it also prepares your skin for all that sunshine with it’s UVA and UVB filters.

So for any skin-types and all budgets, get yourself out of your Rut-tine, make that time for yourself and start everyday afresh!

Disclaimer: Product featured was supplied for review.

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