Shop Your Closet | HAUTE advice for a re-organized wardrobe

It’s Christine Centenera’s fault!

If you have been feeling a bit low that you can’t rock studs and leather like she does or haven’t been gifted with a svelte frame that can spell ‘chic’ no matter what the occasion, then you are not alone.

Not everybody is an accomplished savvy fashionista consulting with Kayne West! But with careful planning and a little bit of sartorial alchemy, a girl can add some stunning and flattering looks to her repertoire. Looks she can re-create at a moment’s notice.

Two months of the brand new year has already flounced by, and if you are grappling in the wake, trying to renew your futile “I will join the gym” resolution, and then this post is for you. It will give you your confidence back and arm you with gems from your wardrobe to make a killer impact.

Shop your closet like a Fashion Editor
Shop your closet like a Fashion Editor

A panoply of colours or the acme of elegance, a statement piece, is the ‘Chanel’ of a girl’s wardrobe. It complements your skin tone and your body type while adding that extra ‘oomph’ to your eyes. A statement piece is suitably powerful but not overly so. The perfect balance of bold and beguiling! So start out your expedition by shortlisting what is ‘Chanel’ worthy in your closet.

You can seek help from your BFF. Someone who can give you an honest opinion about what works and what doesn’t. In the company of this outspoken critic, set aside 10 statement pieces. These will enhance your presentation so take care never to mix two statement pieces together!

Shop your closet like a Fashion Editor
Shop your closet like a Fashion Editor

Even though Chanel is the ultimate, it is not the whole experience. You need the Gaps to offset the statement pieces, give them a canvas to blaze on. The basics of your wardrobe are the tailored staples you can’t do without. Think the black pencil skirt, the white shirt or blue denims.

While sorting these keep in mind:

  • You need to account for all seasons
  • Staples should not clash with the colour palette of your statement pieces
  • Your staples must be form fitting! Silhouette ladies!
Shop your closet like a Fashion Editor
Shop your closet like a Fashion Editor

Select an array of good quality and sophisticated handbags, shoes, belts, scarves and stoles which can work with your statement pieces. The first rule of thumb of colour co-ordination is eliminating visual dissonance. Purple shoes with a faux mink? Visual dissonance! Ditch any combination that will evoke a knee-jerk reaction to reach for the shades. Try to aim for 10 of these as well.

Mix and match your statement pieces, staples and accessories to create looks to suit your personality. And snap a selfie. It’s the one time a selfie is useful. You can organize your looks by occasion and time of day or season. Whatever suits you and your lifestyle!

Once your experimentation is done, you will find that you need to purchase a few items. Good news! This is called shopping with a purpose. List out the missing links to your picture perfect looks and let yourself run wild.

Now re-create your looks, this time with the missing items, and print out these final images. Organize them in a scrapbook and keep it handy.

You are officially ready to take on the world with your revamped boutique closet.