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Lifestyles are changing and skincare can only do so much, now with Sprayology under Dermalogica we can get the whole package of beauty and wellness in one place. Tanya Gates, general manager for Sprayology in South Africa introduced us to Dermalogica’s latest brand called Sprayology. It’s an all natural homoeopathic and Vitamin Oral Sprays.  Sprayology has taken traditional homeopathy and modernized it for our busy lifestyle.

Tanya says “it’s homoeopathy on the go, it’s such a handy size that you can keep yours in your handbag or the cup holder in your car.”

Tanya Gates for Sprayology
Tanya Gates for Sprayology
Sprayology is a handy tube of homoeopathy
Sprayology is a handy tube of homoeopathy

All you do is spray as you go about your day. No smelly tablets that are ridiculous to swallow or chunky bottles that makes your handbag sound like a pharmacy. Sprayology is simple, it works faster and more completely because all you do is spray it into the mouth under the tongue (sublingual), where they are absorbed directly into the bloodstream to deliver immediate results and enhanced health benefits. It’s that easy.

Sprayology assists to rejuvenate, relieve, restore and rebuild the body. These are the seven sprays that will be available from the 11th of September in Cape Town stores: Rejuvenation Plus, Man Power, Woman Power, Diet Power, Brain Power, MenoPower, Bone Builder.

Sprayology products have no negative side effects, and they will not interfere with other products you may be taking including prescription medication. They are FDA-regulated, safe and effective for ages two and up. Certain formulas are for adult use only.

Sprayology lives up to its promise and is safe, simple and innovative

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