Street Style | Men tied in scarves

Real men wear scarves. Cotton, silk, printed, paisley; neckties and scarves in an unlimited variety for menswear are starting to take on the streets and make them a whole lot more dapper. These real men with beards, side paths, and even salt & pepper hair are taking back accessories for more than just functional reasons. These handsome fellows are strutting the streets of Paris and Milan showing us that the scarf can be worn with so many outfits and in so many ways.

Street Style | Men tied for pleasure
Street Style | Men tied for pleasure
Street Style | Men tied for business
Street Style | Men tied for business
I would like to share this to inspire one Cape Town guy (or their girlfriend to convince them) to try out this trend.

I know it’s not for everyone and Cape Town menswear has still a way to go, but I think that these images show a versatile way in which to wear it and also for a versatile age.

  • Tie a square cotton scarf like a scout around the neck and let the knot with two ends drop over a t-shirt.
  • Elegantly place a perfectly folded silk scarf over the shoulders to add pop to a dreary shirt and day.
  • Create an ascot fold with a scarf for either a business look tucked into an open button-down shirt or for  an everyday look tucked into a golf shirt.
Well tell me ladies, don’t you think these men have a certain charm in this look that you could just melt for?

I know I would if I met him *hint hint South African men*


Image Credit: streetfsn

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