StyleHunt | WIN a R1000 TOPSHOP Fashion Voucher

Let’s be honest nobody wants to look like a ‘tourist’ right. While on vacation why don’t you dress for the weather there but don’t loose who you are with your style!

It seems that when on vacation we pack for ‘easy outfits’ in all these mundane basics but honestly all those photos of your vacation will definitely be put up on Facebook so you just have to look sexy, cool and totally in place with the locals. Look like a vacation version of yourself with TopShop and their team.

TopShop offers Personal Shopper appointments where you can pick one of their 10 appointment types to help you buy what you want and know how to style it. One of personal shopping appointments is the Bags of Appeal where the TopShop crew will help create a shoppping list that suits you and your holiday destination.

StyleHunt | win a R1000 TopShop Fashion Voucher
StyleHunt | win a R1000 TopShop Fashion Voucher

Would you like to WIN a R1000 TopShop Voucher?

Stand a chance to WIN a R1000 TopShop Voucher. To enter just comment on THIS BLOGPOST and tell me why you should WIN.

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Competition closes : 31 May 2013
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88 thoughts on “StyleHunt | WIN a R1000 TOPSHOP Fashion Voucher”

  1. I don’t just want to win this prize, I NEEEEED to win it. My winter wardrobe is a few years out of date, and the only Top Shop item I own is a lip gloss. It’s my birthday at the end of June and I would LOVE to look the part. Please please please pick me!!!

  2. I love love loove Topshop! I discoreved it in St.Petersburg 4 years ago and since then have obsessed with it!!My student budget squeals every time I go there and I have to eat bread and water for the next month(yes I’d rather starve but be fashionable :P) so I would love to be able to go there and get some beautiful things and then still have enough money to go out for dinner afterwards:)I feel like Topshop is right up my alley with their funky prints,high heeled shoes and out there bags!Please let me write my stats and Maths exams in some serioussssss style 😉

  3. Have lost some weight & will be having a tuck soon, will really love a new wardrobe to complement my new look

  4. I am an unpaid intern at company X, Only own 2 pairs of pants and having to wake up in the morning and wear the same pants as yesterday really just spoils my mood every… I really need this… like seriously.

  5. i hope to win as i totally got lost with all the giveaways and couldnt find this page but kept visiting stylesociety everyday lol hahaha (little blonde sometimes) ive visited topshop a few times but seeing that live in a studio apartment which takes half my paycheque, live alone and support myself completely… i cant really afford to “shop” would be nice to win and get some winter items.

  6. It’s winter again and I find myself having absolutely no warm winter clothing. I’m a student, and as a students, I basically live on the minimal. Topshop has the prettiest and most stylish threads for every season and for any age.I would really love to win because it would make me so happy after working so hard. In desperate need of a proper spoil sesh. Please please let me win**

  7. I am a new mama, and after 9 months of pregnancy, a bunch of hospital bills and so many broken nights I feel that I could really do with this amazing wardrobe boost… and where better than Topshop, right? Help me be the best mama I can be 🙂

  8. I am not a a winter dresser always feel a bit like a penguin with all those layers but recently i walked past TopShop and OH MY GREATNESS winter fab and I thought this is what I need to look amaze in Winter but then glanced at the swing tag and walked out sheepishly from the store arggh I cannot afford this. So guys when I got this mail today I was like this has to be a sign that I have to dress in TOP Shop, this is why I deserve this voucher if you dont believe me believe the signs there are all around us.

  9. Well, i spent over R5000 at the TopShop launch which now means i cant spend anymore and since i frequent the store weekly to find new things i have to browse aimlessly around the store because i cant actually buy any of the new items 🙂

  10. I absolutely ADORE Topshop….Duchess Catherine of Cambridge wears TopShop…I’d want to feel just as royal and stylish 🙂

  11. I would love to win this competion after having my sweet angel in 2008 i have not managed to shed the pregnancy fat off. I have balooned from a size 36 to a 40. Ive recently met this guy on line and we are busy planning our first meeting in pretoria soon, so I would definately would like for him to see me in my new comfortable fitting clothes 🙂

    • Darling, we really do hope you manage to find the perfect outfit! We definitely understand how important an outfit is for first impressions. Make it a good one 😉

  12. I never know how to dress so as to suit my figure, therefore the appointment with your style guru would do just the trick. Maybe then I wont look like the Michelin man in Winter! LOL

  13. I just moved back to South Africa after living in Hong Kong and had to leave most of my clothes there due to the baggage allowance so I am in desperate need of new clothes!

    • I don’t know how you did it! I would have worn everything that I couldn’t bag or carry, airports don’t have a strict ‘layers of clothes policy’ haha

  14. I would love to win coz i have just lost some weight and need a whole new wardrobe , everything in my closet is over size for me now.

  15. I would looooove this prize to get uber chic, haute and classic looks for work as ive just started out at a stunning international marketing firm in beautiful durban. i love everything opulent and luxe and this prezzi would make me oh so happy!

  16. I deserve this hamper because last year when i moved into my new place, i never had enough closet space as the closet space i had was less than my previous residence, so i just closed my eyes and took eight black bags and filled it with beautiful vintage clothes i had sourced, new items i never ever wore yet that still had tags on them. I was in such a cleansing mood because of the move and my soft heart got the best of the fashionister inside of me and so i made split decision and donated everything to people living under a bridge, it was rather sad but great at the same time. The only problem i have know is i struggle to find those key items in my wardrobe that just pulls and outfit together and this voucher could help me do that.

  17. I deserve to win the amazing Topshop voucher because everything is going downhill in my life right now and I need something good, something that’s uplifting. And Topshop and Stylesociety could help me with that. 🙂

  18. I would LOVE to win this. I’ve just turned 30 and gave birth 3 months ago! Would really love to treat myself to a bit of a shopping spree 🙂

  19. I would really love winning this prize as ive lost 20kg after the birth of my son, Whian. And its winter time and ive got no stylish outfits to go with my new figure!!! Please please please lemme win this! <3

    • That is so amazing darling!! We hope you keep up the fabulous work and we’ll do our best to keep you styling with winter styling blog posts. Good luck!

  20. I’ve recently lost just over 8kgs and am in desperate need of some awesome new threads that don’t make me look like I’m wearing a potato sack! Winning this voucher would be an awesome way to do so 🙂


  21. I would love to win because I have recently lost weight and would love a mini make over with a top shop win 🙂

  22. Topshop is a great resource for smaller figures like me, and the inspiration on How to Wear it comes from Style Society!

  23. ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

    Clothe! Clothes ! Clothes! 😀
    My wardrobe definately needs some cheering up 🙁 winters on its way n I’ll be looking all dull which doesn’t mach my enthusiasm ofcorse that’s just sad. I’ll have to look awesome to. And topshop is one of my FAV STORES even tho they are a bit pricy. They just have awesome items I have been eyeing Please let me win. 🙂

    Goodluck to all Entrants 😉



  24. Every girl deserves an extra nice little something in the wardrobe…always. But this time around, I think I deserve an added little extra winter update in the closet with Topshop. 😀 Pick me!

  25. I wear boring clothes all day – I work in a hospital and have to wear a uniform, one that only has 2 colours, blue and white. Would be nice to have some pretty clothes for weekends. And I love Top Shop! Haven’t been to the new store yet though, worried I can’t afford the prices.

    • Well lucky for you TopShop is open til 9pm everyday and I find the prices aren’t too badly priced (around the same as Zara and Forever New) but YES this voucher would help for sure! Good luck 🙂

  26. OH MY! Let me start with applauding myself for finding the secret password! I’ve always had a soft spot for this website and being a student,I’m more in love with the tips and trends that i could follow. In my eyes, TopShop, is the one of the few stores that are able to bring fashion forward people together through different looks and styles but manage to speak volumes through strutting attitude looks. Not many people appreciate this the way I do, hence I feel winning this, would make me AN EVEN BIGGER LOVER of not only but of Top fashion in general.

  27. obsessed with Topshop but being a student the price often makes me run for the hills . i’d love to win this so i can stop being a window shopper and rather a trend setter 🙂

  28. Never won clothing and in need of some lol, what better easy than with Style Society and TOPSHOP, fingers crossed

  29. I would love to win this awesome prize, as I love TOPSHOP! Their clothes are distinctive and have a very cosmopolitan edge!

  30. I would just faint if I won this. What a blessing it would be to have something new. Been wearing the same clothes for ages. Also a lover of fashion. Brilliant.

  31. I’ve lost count of the times that I have walked into this amazing store,, drooled over their beautiful pieces and then sadly walked out dreaming of the day that I will return to actually buy something gorgeous for myself! Please make my dreams come true stylesociety! You will make my year and make me feel like a million bucks! (and keep me warm during the icy winter) sigh, there I go dreaming about the winter range again 🙂

  32. That was an exciting “StyleHunt”! Thank you!
    In the land of Fast Fashion TopShop is king , always bringing the best of Fashion Week to us “normals”.
    Now who wouldn’t want R1000 to spend on the latest and greatest in fashion?

  33. I’m not particularly a fashionista but I’ve been following your blog and I really enjoy it. With this voucher I can finally buy the clothes that would make me a fashionable 🙂

  34. Because TopShop has some amazing accessories…. I have been ogling few bags there since opening of TopShop in Durban and this prize would be just what I need… not just want, but NEED. I am also about to start with new job and the latest fashion outfit would make it much easier to feel confident while starting with my new job.

    • Oh what I love about TopShop in Cape Town is that they have free styling appointments, I hope they bring that service to Durban it would definitely help you out!


  36. i should definately win this because i have already spent sooo much at top shop its time for top shop to give me a break!

    loves it! xx

  37. This would make my year, when i just finished matric i took a gap year and went and worked in England, Topshop was my ultimate favourite place to shop as they had a huge selection of stylish clothes, so excited when i heard they were opening here, however now with bills to pay and not as carefree as when i was younger their gorgeous clothes arnt always in my price range.

  38. I firmly believe that you are what you wear. And for me, it’s about being OTT! Luckily TopShop makes that easily achievable. The voucher you’re offering is like the golden ticket to A Fasionista Sista’s fantasy, A style junkie’s paradise. Allow me the opportunity to bask in the rich, warm colours that TopShop fashion has to offer, to adorn my body with the finest quality, and different texture fabrics, allow me the opportunity to strut my stuff feeling confident, dressed head-to-toe with the latest fashion, without having to hurt my bank balance. Yes, TopShop clothing does do wonders and I really, really do need me some TopShop in my life!
    Twitter : @suemoo_

  39. I should definitely win this because there is no way anyone wants it as bad as me!
    I even know exactly what I would buy with the voucher! It was very hard going into Topshop and walking out with nothing….

  40. I feel like I’m always typing ‘poor me, I’m a single mom, I’m broke’ but it’s not totally true. I work damn hard at my job, i work at night to pay the bills and there is no way I could ever afford to buy at Topshop. But I LOVE fashion and would faint if I won.


  41. I should definitely win this prize because i am dying to have a little shopping spree at Topshop. I havent been to the Cape Town store yet, and this would be the perfect excuse to do some shopping! I remember seeing Topshop in London and wanting to buy EVERYTHING but just couldnt afford it then. Please let me win this – my wardrobe definitely needs some topshop in it!

  42. Oh I really would love to win. With my daughter going to school and everything going up there isn’t any money left to spoil myself. This would be nice to spoil me for winter, mother’s day and my birthday which is in one’s months time 🙂

  43. I love Topshop and pretty much anything to do with fashion! I would so love to experience the personal shopper service that Topshop offers! What absolute fun thing to do and hopefully get some great fashion & style advice. We are also travelling to Thailand soon so would be great to pick up some cute items to take along 🙂

  44. I’ve been dying to dip my toes into TopShop ever since it came to town! This would give me a super awesome reason to indulge. *fingers crossed*

  45. Winter is coming up in Jozi….no one has more amazing coats than Topshop #lovesit

  46. I love fashion and Topshop has fantastic stuff! however paying off student loans doesnt leave a lot for indulging in Topshop splurging as much as I’d love, so the R1000 voucher would be the best thing ever 🙂

  47. I would love a makeover for my 40th birthday which is actually in 8 days time. Have fallen into a rut with my dressing and Topshop would give me a boost.

  48. This year meant a new job, a new city and a new life for me, now all I need is a new look! Something that makes me look good from tip to top 😉

  49. Top shop has such unique trendy stuff, from clothes to accessories. My guilty pleasure is Top Shop, best place to shop when you have extra money 😉

  50. I have been waiting for so, so long for Topshop to come to Cape Town! I would LOVE to shop their great winter knits and most of all their makeup (I am a makeup addict) but finances are a bit tight for me so this voucher would make a dream a reality.

  51. I should win because i am a fashionista and i love all things trendy!Topshop has amazing clothing that compliment my figure.
    I have been lusting for their clothes long before they came to South Africa.I love their Makeup range as well!!! Pls sponser me with some new threads 🙂

    Twitter- ajncandy

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