Style Hunt | WIN a GlamPalm Hair Styler worth R1899

The latest hair iron to hit SA shores is GlamPalm Hair Stylers which are already the preferred choice to ‘70% of the world’s top hair salons’. Glampalm’s Hair Irons are created using innovative technology and design that ensures minimum hair loss and protects your hair from damage. These hair stylers also provide even heat transmission for optimal hairstyling.

The Glampalm Hair styler design and heat plate is perfect for all types of glamorous styling from – straight and sleek, beach wavy hair or sexy curls. The far-infrared ray and anions gives you soft, shiny and glossier hair that makes your hair colour pop. For the first time, you can experience the wellness benefits and the positive energies of a precious mineral or “healing stone” found in the mountains of South Korea. I actually love the safety feature on these stylers – a built-in switch that turns off the styler after 30 minutes of non – use. Just perfect for those who are prone to be forgetful on those headless chicken days…

The Glampalm Hair range has 11 different types of styling Hair irons, so you will definitely find one to suit your needs. It is also compact which makes it perfect for travel.

StyleHunt | WIN a GlamPalm Hair Styler

StyleHunt | WIN a GlamPalm Hair Styler

Would you like to WIN a GlamPalm Hair Styler?

Stand a chance to WIN a GlamPalm Styler in a beautiful black clutch bag with two sectioning clips, valued at R1899. To enter just comment on THIS BLOGPOST and tell me why you should WIN this awesome styler.

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Competition closes : 31 May 2013
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69 thoughts on “Style Hunt | WIN a GlamPalm Hair Styler worth R1899”

  1. I would love to win the hair styler because not a day goes by where I don’t ‘do’ my hair. I also come from a family with a LOT of women, and am very persuasive when it comes to what is hot or not 🙂

  2. I have long curly hair which I do like but I hate that it’s curly!It takes me foooorever to do my hair every morning and I wear my hair in a bun everyday and do it only on special occasions because it takes so long!this wonderful beauty gadget would make my life great!pretty please <3

  3. in need of a new straightener as my “no name” one is on the verge of dying and im thinking about cutting a longer style bob so im gona need it 🙂

  4. Would really love to win, because after endless hair problems, my hair is finally healthy and strong and in need of a new hair straightener. Would LOVE to win 🙂 Pick me pick me

  5. My hairdresser cut off more hair than I had requested! Having major styling issues and have to straighten almost everyday. My two year old GHD just isn’t cutting it any more. Please pick me!!

  6. I need something for curls, my hair is dead straight, I have a straightener for unruly hair days but would love this one so that I can create some sexy curls!

  7. Would love to have, it would save time, usually I take 2-4 hours with my hair because of its length

  8. My hair is a disaster!I dnt want to cut it just yet but may have too due to its terrible condition

  9. Residing in atlantis, cape town: Never had a straightner before. Because I had to take care of my family from a young age I never had the time to pamper myself so I’m quiet use to just washing my hair by hand and rolling it in, and when finished tying it up. I would feel most honoured to have a glampalm due to the fact that I couldn’t afford it even in my dreams. I believe that if it is meant to be I shall have it. If not? Life goes on with rollers.

  10. I work in events so always busy always on the go and I dont ahve the time or money to have fabulous hair on the go…this woul dbe my ideal dream so I can look fab while making others feel fab:)

  11. Desperately NEED a GlamPalm Hair Styler – hair permanently looks like a bomb went off in a matress factory and dont have the necessary tools to rectify the situation!

  12. my straightener broke last week ,and my hair looks a mess, thinking of cutting it till i can afford another straightener 🙁
    people everyday use to comment on how beautiful my hair looks but now im hiding so they don’t see my hair. i even went to the extreme of wearing my mums wig she brought from India.

  13. it would get me an extra 45 min snooze in the morning and we all know how much a lil lady needs her beauty sleep zzzzz….

  14. I would love to win this glam palm hair straightener because I would treasure it and flaunt my tresses everyday as I rejoice in its wonderful features, the healing stone sounds amazing and healthy for my hair and I would love to have this hot item for myself <3

  15. Your hair is your crowning glory. It should be taken care of with love and excellent care. I am in desperate need of a hair iron as my hair does not set with the conventional hair dryer even with a ghd! The ghd which is purported to be the best can not straighten my hair effectively and within an hour of straightening it reverts to being flouncy again! Not only that but it has considerably damaged my hair. My hair does not look good without it being ironed. Im in desperate need of i good iron and Glampalm is the best. I would love to win it.

  16. I would love to win the Glampalm flat iron because I need something efficient for my unmanageable hair. I want to put an end to those bad hair days when I am forced to tie my hair up or hide it under a scarf.

  17. because my hair looks terrible without it being ironed!! i have tried the ghd but it only left my hair burnt. i need a good hair iron like the glampalm as soon as possible.

  18. I’ve had my old faithful iron for almost seven years now and it’s seeing it’s final days 🙁

  19. Would love to have my very own Glampalm>>> have this done at the salon occassionally and rave about it oh so often!! pick me.. pick me… 🙂

  20. R1899 is such a huge amount of money out of one’s budget. And it will take me ages to save up that amount of money. I would really love to calm my frizz down especially in these cold rainy winter months I need something that can keep up with me for the whole working day! And of course I would be advertising you guys when people ask me where have go gotten those fav hair my dear! <3

  21. I would love to win because I love sleek flat ironed hair or beautiful curls that you get from a flat iron 🙂

  22. ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

    A styling iron! :'( someting I need. Don’t even oone and surely need one. Having long thick hair is hard to maintain surely aswell as time consuming. PLUS then I’ll have the perfect curls I always wanted not this epic fail ones that wave your hair lol. The perfect gift. I hope I win 🙂

    Goodluck To All Entrants 😉



  23. wow! reading thru everybody’s comments its comforting to know I’m not alone in my struggle for hair that looks even close to that on tv! when i was 12 i had a embarrassing problem of frizz! so much so i started wearing scarf/hijab to hide it. last month i had my hair straightened at a salon for a costly price but loved the results. Being a single mum this is an ultimate luxury and sleek , shiny , frizz free and manageable hair is what i dream about, praying so hard for this 🙂

  24. I have awesome curly hair… 🙂 Awesome when its long and for Summer. But I decided to change my life- and change my hair. And as they say “Go big or go home”… I’ve taken everything off and have a super short pixie.. In dire ‘glam’ straights without the GlamPalm 🙁

  25. Whilst reading this post I only had one person in mind, my dear sister! She’s in dire need of a hair straightener of her own, and mine has been working over time! We don’t even live together, which means that each hair-wash involves a special trip to my place for some much needed damage control- but with her being a mom, where’s the time? Her hair is long, thick and full of volume- what’s not to love? However without a hair straightener it is simply unmanageable. Give her hair 30 minutes after a good straighten and it’s back to square one- straw-dry, the mad scientist type of frizzy, bulky and dull. Her hair needs a miracle, and I have a feeling that the GlamPalm Hair Styler could just be it ! C’mon Style Society! Help a sister out, I still owe her a birthday present but y’know, broke girl problems- being an unemployed student and that. Lets transform every bad hair day to a beautiful hair day. Silky smooth, soft and sleek, to tame and to tease, GlamPalm has the magic that helps to style hair with ease.

  26. OMG! this is such a awesome giveaway , i deserve this cause i had a SERIOUSLY bad experience with my first and last hair iron! Being a student i bought a cheapie one and ever since regretted it , hair got damaged , breakage and just ruined it! now that my hair has grown out I’d LOVE to give it the care it deserves. fingers crossed for this xx

  27. Would love to own one, I have long hair which is high maintenance Glam Palm would be so awesome like having a hairdresser in my own home

  28. I would love to win this awesome Styler, because my hair is very fly-away and sometimes gets a bit frizzy. This Styler would certainly create head-turning hair and solve my styling problems!

  29. Now that my GHD is not working, everyday is like a bad hair day without my hair iron. just makes me feel so sad and dont want to leave the house… :((

  30. Everyday is a headless chicken, look at my hair in the mirror and scream kinda day for me! Winning would change this into look in the mirror and see luscious locks kinda days 😉

  31. It’s my birthday this month & I’ve always wanted a glampalm hair styler, exactly waht I need to sort out my unruly hair.

  32. My hair has really become a mission to handle and keep up because I gave my blowdryer away by mistake (thinking it wasn’t mine lol – it was a bad day for my brain) and having my ghd break. My boyfriend bought it for me in NZ so I dont have a receipt or anything to take to ghd repairs for them to do it for me. sad I know. I’ve been rocking the wash and wear look for more than a yearbut it’s getting old and i need a change so please help me

  33. I love, love, LOVE this styler! The “healing stone” addition is TOTES amaze. I hate my frizzy, dull hair so this iron is defs perfect for me. <3

  34. I do not own a hair straightener, so taming my hair for nights out becomes quite difficult. I would love to be the proud owner of a GlamPalm hair styler.

  35. The Glampalm would be perfect for me! It would make my life so much easier as I am always on the go not to mention having shiny, glossy fabulous Glam hair everyday.

  36. Yay! I cracked the code hehe!

    I would love to win this because I do not have a hair straightener, I never could afford the fancy hair irons, so I just had one that was given to me by mums friend. It was an old one (a really cheap one) that my mum’s friend no longer wanted, so she passed it on to me. I discontinued using it though because it used to pull, break and damage my hair. Instead of styling me up fabulous, I used to scream when using it it because it used to pull my hair and it got stuck in between the plates causing me pain and discomfort.

    I love my hair too much to damage it to such an extent. I have very wild hair and it never sets right, team that up with Durb’s humidity and but all I’m left with is the blow dryer now, and I just pretty much make do. This would be such a lovely prize to win though, and I would give anything to win such an amazing prize.

    I love that the GlamPalm has such variety so that you can find the one that is best suited to you, and I am especially happy that it uses technology that does not damage your hair and ensures hairloss is kept to a minimum.

    I’m praying very hard to win this, my hair has definitely been waiting for it’s time to shine 😀

  37. i would love to win a glampalm hair styler so i can also achieve sleek,shiny straight hair,the glampalm way 🙂


  39. Such an amazing, we live in Durbs and the humidity doesnt help my curly hair, ends up totally frizzy! Would love pretty straight hair

  40. I would love to win this because my GHD was damaged when our geyser burst and the house caught on fire. Most of our valuables where damaged. The insurance paid us for only stuff that was insured and my GHD was not one of the insured. Would be nice to be able to style my hair again

  41. I have the curliest, wildest hair and I’m a single mom. I can barely afford groceries and a hair straightener would be such a blessing.

  42. I love changing my hair style. From curly, to wavy to sleek & straight. It’s as important as my out-fit.
    Because of this, I use a hairdryer and or straightener every day and my hair is taking strain 🙁

    This would be PERFECT for me

  43. oh my goodness – please please please let me win this.

    my hair straightener has just stopped working – takes like triple the time to straighten my hair, and I just don’t have time for that in the mornings.
    I would love to try this good quality straightener.
    And i’m often leaving mine on by mistake – so the auto off feature would be absolutely perfect for me!

  44. Ps since doing my brazillian treatment i am losing more hair so please can I win to stop this as i really dont want to be bald 🙁

  45. I could write a whole book on why I need to own this styler! For the purpose of keeping this short: I’m a super busy mom who is also super forgetful.. The iron being able to switch itself off (in case I ever have to run after my toddler and then end up forgetting what I was doing! *cringe*) might just end up saving the day!

  46. I would love to win this as I have just had a brazillian treatment done to my hair and the healing stone would protect and “cure” my the safety feature as i am often late for work and have to check if i have switched off my straightner.i find when the seasons change i tend to lose more hair now this season i am losing loads more so winning this would defo heal, protect and give me amazing hair 🙂 pretty please @verushka143 ;

  47. This styled sounds too good to be TRUE….like my personal styliste on the move #lovesit

  48. I would love to win this as living in Durban has its setbacks. My hair does its own thing with the humidity. I need a good styler.

  49. I’m a woman on the move who needs to look good at every moment- a glam palm? Style in my palm of my hand!

  50. This tool sounds fab. Not only does it protect your hair from damage but also has a handy auto off feature…..cos i have alot of headless chicken days 😉

  51. I should win because my hair is so frizzy 🙁
    Iv always dreamt of a good quality hair straightener and i think this is it! I want to go from FRIZZ to FAB!!!

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