Minx – The Hottest Nail Trends of the Season

Ever since Beyonce was seen with her blinged up nails in her ‘Single Ladies’ music video, women everywhere have been begging their manicurists for this style making it one of the hottest nail trends this year. While celebs have been spotted all over Tinseltown wearing their bling since 2009, it only recently became available at beauty salons in South Africa.

Golden Lightning by Terrance Terry photo by Brandon Wiggins
Golden Lightning by Terrance Terry photo by Brandon Wiggins

Have you ever bought metallic nail polish in molten gold or liquid silver with the aim of recreating that metal finish? It is unlikely that you will ever get that smooth perfect sheen regardless of how many times you try. Now there is a new way of recreating the space age look. Minx is a high end nail product that transfers to the nails and will not cause any damage to the nail surface, bed or cuticles.

Lady Gaga Love Game video Silver Lightning Minx by Naja photo credit Meeno from Interscope
Lady Gaga Love Game video Silver Lightning Minx by Naja photo credit Meeno from Interscope

So how does it work? Unlike usual nail stickers that don’t stick or lay property, Minx is a solid film with an adhesive backing that uses heat to warm the adhesive. This makes it more flexible so that it can adhere to the contours more easily, without ruining the smooth look. A glass nail file is then used to remove any excess. The final product is stunning and very eye-catching and there are many different styles, colours and patterns to choose from.

The transfers are very easy to apply and there is little mess or fuss, you don’t have to wait for anything to dry, and there is no risk of accidental smudging or sheet marks.
You can easily obtain looks that you cannot achieve with regular nail polish – metallic, intricate patterns and so on.
They are ideal for pedicures as they last up to four weeks and because there is no drying time or risk of smudging you can put your shoes back on straightaway.
The product is considered eco-friendly because it doesn’t require chemicals for application or removal.

Regardless of how much you file the edges they will never be truly smooth.
While they can last up to two weeks, the tips usually start lifting after a few days.
The cuticle line is rounded so they won’t fit every nail shape.
They are fairly expensive so while they are ideal for special occasions, they are a little pricey for everyday wear.

Cons: Answered by Minx South Africa
If Minx is applied by a trained professional the smooth edge is always achieved.
Minx is a high end fashion accessory for nails and lasts 4-7 days on fingers, 4-6 weeks on toes.
The Minx wrap is double sided one side is rounded while the other is more square, a fit for almost every nail shape. they can also be trimmed to custom fit every nail.
A Minx application is in Line with a Good manicure – R250.00 per set.

If you want to stand out from the crowd with a stunning set of nails then get your nails Minx-ed today!

{Image Credit: Minx}

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  1. Please can you urgently confirm where I can purchase your products, I live in Benoni, Gauteng. I am desporate !!!!!!!!

  2. Hi there! I’m a fashion & beauty editor and we get our models Minxed regularly on shoots. A clear (nail lacquer) top coat applied over the nail wrap prevents fraying. Also the Minx designs have one square and on the other a rounded edge so you manage to always find a match even if the person’s cuticles is square rather than round.

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