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Disco Pants: High waisted, shiny, 80s-looking-activewear-fabric pants (well, more like a thick pair of ski-pants)

With the opening of Topshop in Cape Town I was super excited because I wanted to see if they would stock some of the fashion trends that I had seen from international blogs. One of my favourite Vlogger’s, Zoella, recently did a TopShop Haul and I was very jealous of the pieces that she bought like the all famous Disco Pants (which she vows she lives in). Even though it’s an outrageous pair of pants I think it is going to be super haute for like the next 3 seasons.

Disco Pants from Asos

Disco Pants from Asos

This form fitting garment reminds me of Grease; it’s pretty much the same pants that Olivia Newton-John wore in that final bad girl scene. So I was a little suspicious at first because she is pretty skinny but when I slipped into a pair(more like squeezed into it) the ultra stretchy fabric molded over all the right curves and the fabric is thick so it doesn’t show off the horrible bits, but the best part about Disco Pants is that they are super comfy!

So I stood there in the Topshop fitting room just loving them but then I was not too sure how to wear this trend. So I researched and found that the disco pants can we worn any way (oh the joys of street style). Wear this fashion trend in a casual cool way with kicks and denim, or with ultra sexy heels and a crop top, or look winter fabulous with boots and a long sleeve blouse. Well there are more than three ways to wear them so go out and invest in a pair! Then just play around with your wardrobe this winter!

Street Trend | Look girly in Disco Pants

Street Trend | Look girly in Disco Pants OOTD

Street Trend | Disco Pants | Blogger Street Style

Street Trend | Disco Pants | Edgy OOTD

Fashion Blogger Dictionary:

Haul: a fashion blogger shows their readers the clothes that they bought from a store (or many stores on one trip).

Vlog: a video blog post typically on YouTube

Vlogger: a blogger who puts up video blogs (vlogs) about their life, fashion trends or beauty reviews just like a normal blog but onto YouTube.

OOTD: Outfit Of The Day – typically used on Instagram


Image Credits: asos.com, todayiamgoingtowear, birdle



  1. June 5, 2013 / 1:38 pm

    Disco pants are everywhere this season! 🙂

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