WIN a Style Consultation valued at R6500

StyleSociety turns four this month. It’s been such an incredibly fulfilling journey – one that I am extremely grateful for. Thank you so much for your continued support throughout the years.

StyleSociety has given me the opportunity to meet and connect with the most amazing people who have all become a part of my ‘fashion family’. These bonds are very special to me and I would like to use this opportunity to reconnect with my old readers and get to know my new ones.

…more about StyleSociety, the brand
StyleSociety is not just a blog – it’s a Cape Town Fashion brand that offers interior styling, image consulting and personal shopping services to select clients. We also host private style events and annual pop-up boutiques among a few other fashion related services. There are a few new developments which I will be revealing later this year, as I try to redefine and reinvent the brand.

…more about StyleSociety, the blog
The StyleSociety Blog is my creative space and a fantastic way to keep my clients and readers up-to-date on my brand developments and events. I am not a serious blogger and I have no aspirations to be one. This ultra-glossy blog is a curation of secret style files, the exclusive on the latest cult beauty trends, insider style secrets, the ultimate fashionable finds and seasonal fashion spoils, carefully curated by me.

…more about StyleSociety, the audience
I am not interested in the masses, I write for a select few – a ‘new kind of woman’, aka Style Mavens. A modern day woman, a go getter, fearless about forging her way up as a mover and shaker, who has money of her own and no time to shop. She wants advice on ‘what to invest in this season?’, ‘how to choose what works best?’ and ‘where to get it?!’.

She wants to discover new labels, get the lowdown on cult beauty buys, be notified of trends before they hit our shores and be kept up-to-date with fashion in general. Chain stores and corporate malls leave her feeling uninspired; she prefers intimate shopping events where she can look forward to handpicked, inspiring collections that suggest brands with a vision equalled to their commitment to dress women with confidence.

This is the StyleSociety woman, a style maven. I write for her.

Meaning of Maven

Meaning of Maven

…more about myself
My days are spent behind a desk with my head buried in paperwork, juggling two very demanding jobs. I am the quintessential multi-tasker who is always in search of ways to increase my productivity, like responding to emails while enjoying my monthly pedicure at the local spa I frequent. They’ve even given me their wifi password. Yes, think power pedicures 🙂

My most productive hours are between 10.00 pm and 2.00 am. I set aside, this time, to foster new fashion concepts, research the market trends, cover fashion stories that translate well with my audience… Sleep is my nemesis.

…more about my style
I have a love for fashion that borders on obsession. While I love supporting local designers and splurging on international brands, I am very opinionated about what I choose to wear. I love clean geometric cuts and daring sculptural silhouettes that are flattering. I have a discerning eye for fabric quality and immaculate tailoring but fashion with integrity is most important to me. My signature style is always evolving and although I quite enjoy splashes of colour, I have recently developed an acute fondness for that futuristic, palette-cleansing minimal trend. I love forward thinking designers – “Be a voice, not an echo”…

Now that I’ve shared parts of me with you, I would love to get to know you.

So let’s connect through   F A S H I O N . . .

WIN a Style Consultation valued at R6500
WIN a Style Consultation valued at R6500

Here’s your chance to


a Style Consultation valued at R6500!

This service begins with the client assessment which outlines your lifestyle needs. During this consultation, I define your personal style, determine your body shape, and identify clothing and accessories best suited to your body shape and style. I discuss proper fit, tailoring and shopping tips for building a core wardrobe. A comprehensive Style Plan is drawn up and presented to you within ten working days. The Style Consultation also includes one hair and makeup consultation, and an hour personal shopping session.

How To Enter

1. Answer the following questions in the comment section below:
– Introduce yourself and tell me how did you hear about StyleSociety?
– How would you describe your current style?
– What would you like to achieve from an Image Update?

2. Share this post on Facebook or Twitter

This competition is open to StyleSociety Subscribers only, so make sure you are eligible to enter by subscribing to my monthly newsletter. You may unsubscribe at any time. Please make sure you’ve read and accepted the Terms & Conditions

Please Note :
This prize does not include travel and accommodation to Cape Town. All consultations and the personal shopping session will take place in Cape Town’s northern suburbs. This prize does not include the purchase of clothing, make up or hair styling and products.

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32 thoughts on “WIN a Style Consultation valued at R6500”

  1. I am Bianca – photographer, I heard about Style Society while browsing online for inspiration, I benefit from a Image Update by being able to match my brand. My work is constantly moving forward, being fresh and constantly stylish is very important in my line of work. I would like to match that – oh but where to find the time.

  2. 1) Hi Kumari, I’m Shelley and I stumbled upon your website a few years ago via search engines…

    2) Well, in my own head I’d like to think my style is…understated sophistication yet bold. I like to try out new trends but I enjoy classic pieces because it’s timeless…

    3) When I was younger, it was so easy for me to put an outfit together which not only looked good/fashionable but also made me feel good/confident. Somewhere along the road called ‘getting older’ I lost that skill. Now shopping is a frustrating because I cant seem to get the essential items right which means that I end up spending more money than needed and still not achieving the desired look. I’d love some direction to steer me back to basics and still stay within a budget! 🙂

  3. Hey! I’m Liezel I heard about style society via twitter, I do not have any fashion sense I throw on whatever comes out of my closet first, I have never shopped for my body type, and I use no make up as I have never really latched on to it, I really need a style makeover as I feel my current look does not conpliment my lifestyle, I am really laid back, and feel sexiest in a Jeans. I’m sharing this post via twitter @baked_CPT

  4. My name is Tsholo and I work in IT. I heard about StyleSociety through a friend – Fatima. While she is very stylish (very!) I have no fashion sense. Especially working in this environment (all-male, casual dress, etc), jeans, hoodies, and all stars have become my unofficial uniform. I used to make an attempt at dressing up when I first started working, but over time I let it go.

    I believe an image update would help get me back to the state where I actually care about what I put on in the morning. And as they say, if you look good, you will feel good. I could definitely use the make up consultation as well. At 30 years old, I’ve never worn make-up…well, on really special occasions I put on some mascara and lip gloss 🙁 I’ve been wanting to get into it – I’m at that age where the blemishes/wrinkles need to be hid – I just don’t know where to start.

  5. Hi

    My name is Monique & I came across StyleSociety surfing the web.

    As for my current style, I have two. The one in my head where I’m classic & comfortable sophistication. And the the reality where I’m safe & possibly even frumpy. I’m 41 but feel like I’m in my 30’s and am struggling to merge the two in terms of wardrobe.

    What I would like to achieve is to find new enthusiasm when it comes to my wardrobe and to discover who Monique in her 40’s is, and what her style is. I would like to finally achieve that effortless style look.

    Have shared this post on Twitter and Facebook.


  6. I was fortunate in that I was sent an email by chance. I am a keen fashion follower and always open to new info, tips and good advice. Being 1,78m tall and weighing 67kg’s I am also always on the lookout for hints on where to find clothes to fit my shape and height.

    I am a 38 & have always been very current in my fashion sense. I see myself as trendy with a keen eye for what works and what does not.

    Problem now is that being 38 and never having been this age before I would LOVE to have some professional advice on what is acceptable and what is not at this stage of my life. I have been finding more and more that I see clothes that I love but am not sure whether I can still pull them off or not and this is causing me major distress. I also changed jobs from very corporate too much more low key and am struggling to find a balance.

  7. 1) My name is Liezel. I do plan and manage events and conferences. Im 35, single and looking for a new and exciting journey in my life – yup, im looking for a new career path and new changes. i heard about Style Society on Twitter and have been receiving your news letters

    2) My style is somewhat corporate, wanna be classy and tailored (Victoria Becham and Duchess Kate) but also want to be modern … actually i dont know what it is. I see things and i go ooohhhh i like, try it and it never looks the same on me than the manniquin. Im 1.78 and find it hard to get the look right… and when i don the heels… it just all goes wrong. i buy things that i wear for a meeting or an event and then find it useless after and the things i really really want, i cant afford.

    3) I am currently looking for a new career path, im also looking to meet someone and i think that with the knowledge of how to dress appropriately, i would feel more confident in perusing these full on. I would also like to pass this knowledge on to my mom who has been complaining about weight gain and would also like to look and feel better with the way she has to dress now.

  8. My name is Nicky I am 32 years old, a first time mom and I work full time. I heard about Style Society through a friend.

    My current style is very simple and basic. I have lost all my baby weight but have not had much time to think about what I want my style to be and therefore just stick to the basics. I would like to achieve a more stylish look (with minimal effort and maximum shine!). I need key pieces and need to learn how to accessorize. I also have no clue if I am dressing correctly for my body shape? I feel my body has changed since I had my daughter.

    I am in desperate need of guidance 🙂

  9. I am a fashionista who love finer things in life. I am a entrepreneur selling shoes and bags so I need to be on point when it comes to making fashion statement. I am a firm believer that IMAGE IS EVERYTHING!! so I always tell my clients that everything that I am selling represents me. I sell quality and I have good taste when it comes to choosing clothes.
    If I win this competition I will be so happy cause Style Society will help me to move to where I am to where I want to be which is to see myself owning a boutique in Soweto or any other arrears where fashion is needed.

  10. Hi my name is Goksen Effendi I’m a law student, an aspiring filmmaker and a lover of fashion, so basically I am a creative that believes in lawyering in style…

    I heard about about StyleSociety on twitter and signed up immediately 🙂

    My current style is so dependent on the stress levels at law school, the last three weeks has been different ways if wearing sweat pants and chunky cardigans but on a good day I would say I keep it simple, I like basics, a clear silhouette and with pops of colour with timeless vintage pieces. I’m super tiny If I could i would wear heels everyday, they just complete an outfit.

    An Image Update 🙂 would be an opportunity to learn about really works with my height and shape, the important what not to do, an opportunity to learn from the best and transform my own style. Honestly as a fashion lover, this would be such an amazing opportunity so please pick me.

  11. Hi, I am Debra-ann and I have NO style, I just wing it. This is definitely something that I desperately need as I am on the wrong side of 40 and professionally involved with those on the right side. Style society was introduced to me via Facebook and have been an avid follower for a while. Living now in Cape Town and keeping up requires huge doses of style in every way. Look forward to hearing from you. All the best. D

  12. I was overwhelmed to meet u on the internet, at your 1st showing at Fire & Ice.
    I sent the email to others friends and we made a trip to your show.
    It was worth meeting you and other designers especially the Hair Salon Sbsolute. Which conincidentently after 3 years, yesterday I had an appointment with the owner Steven to style my hair. I was very happy and thanks to your show I networked and it came in handy.
    I would love to win your prize, to be stylish at 59 it’s never to late.
    So for old times sake and a supporter of your show I would love to Win your prize.
    Wish you all the very best, and may all your future events be successful.
    Kind regards

  13. I heard about you via Facebook.
    I would describle my current style as modern as I love the current trends as well as mixing some edgy pieces together. I would refine my style to a specific look.

  14. Introduce yourself and tell me how did you hear about StyleSociety?
    I found you through Google and I have been reading it since.
    How would you describe your current style?
    Bland…I have never really had much of a style. I was always those people who struggle with dressing up and then up wearing same old clothes. I started doing make up in my late 20s.
    What would you like to achieve from an Image Update?
    It would help to know what currently works for me because I have gained weight and now I look like my mom, even she looks better than me. I have not been able to “embrace” this new body. Buying clothes has been a drag.

  15. I love Style Society and enjoy the content of this website. I work full time and am a mom of two girls. I have a very casual style because after my second child I am way over wait from what I use o be…I don’t have much that fit me and I don’t really know how to be “sassy” with this figure. Lucky my word allows casual but I would love to be more stylish like I use to be. I know that you do not have to be rake thin to look good but I just don’t see how…I really miss the old me.

  16. I got an e-mail and I am a subscriber

    My style at the moment is a little bit of everything. I am 50 and I do not wear make-up. I would love to win a makeover i have been widowed for 8 years and lost all my self confidence

  17. RT @CapeTown: seen this? nice – rt @CapeTownFashion: WIN a Style Consultation with Fashion Director valued at R6500 #StyleSociety

    • I love clothing and I believe I’ve got a good sense of style, but I find my self not putting effort into my style lately, so a refresher course would be great, not to mention spending time with someone who loves clothing as much as I do!! I would like to be re inspired to invest in myself and my style a gain. I’d love to learn more about style and what the latest and newest trends are. My end goal?? Inspired to go forth and inspire others!

  18. I’ve been an avid follower of Style Society and thouroghly enjoy the content of this website. I am a career driven professional in the financial services industry, a Mom and I have recently started my own personal blog. I would benefit from the consultation as it would help me evolve me personal style both professionally and personally.

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