WIN | R1000 worth of Sloggi underwear

Sloggi in Cocoa Skin | Sloggi Giveaway on StyleSociety
Sloggi in Cocoa Skin | Sloggi Giveaway on StyleSociety

Whether it’s a big night out on the town or a day of errands, feeling comfortable is the one thing I cannot  forfeit. Now I don’t know about you but there is nothing worse than having to “adjust yourself” because underwires are cutting in the wrong place, straps falling down, fabric is scratchy and the worst of them all – the VPL (visible panty line).

Ladies, I just had to tell you the lovely people from Sloggi gave me a 2-pack of matching bras and briefs and I am just loving them! The seamless Sloggi  undies have been a favourite of mine for a while, not only because they are the ultimate any occasion underwear but also because it is ridiculously soft fabric that feels like silk and doesn’t show any VPL. (It’s such light fabric that you almost feel like you are not wearing anything *blush* almost alright 😉  Also luckily for all those big bottomed ladies like myself it offers enough room and hugs all the right curves.

Sloggi in Black | Sloggi Giveaway on StyleSociety
Sloggi in Black | Sloggi Giveaway on StyleSociety

Now talking curves I was surprised how comfortable the Sloggi bras were as well! Now the fabric is not as unbelievably soft as their briefs but it is still an easy bra that you can feel comfortable in all day long. The cup sizes are all standard so when I told them my size  and tried it on, it was a perfect fit! (none of that awkwardness trying on many bras on for size). The best thing I appreciate about their bra is the cup shape, because it is low enough to wear with strappy tops so it doesn’t peak out of the top.

Now if Sloggi’s comfort, design and fabric doesn’t get you hooked like me then maybe the price will…Sloggi’s are a serious bargain at 2 bras for R229,95 and 2 hipster briefs for R119,95. But I have even better news for you readers…

One of you stand the chance to WIN a R1000 worth of Sloggi underwear which is like 4 bras, 4 hipster briefs and 6 g-strings!

Sloggi in Cocoa Skin | Sloggi Giveaway on StyleSociety
Sloggi in Cocoa Skin | Sloggi Giveaway on StyleSociety

To win our Sloggi giveaway just tell us why you would just love to WIN this prize in a comment below

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Sloggi in Black | Sloggi Giveaway on StyleSociety
Sloggi in Black | Sloggi Giveaway on StyleSociety

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Closing Date : 2 July 2013

Image Credits: StyleSociety

Sloggi is being super generous and are giving away a second hamper that you would enjoy as well as make you feel great!
Enter sloggi’s ‘feel good with sloggi’ competition via Facebook.
Two of you could win R1000 worth of sloggi underwear, spa pamper vouchers worth R1 500 and have R500 donated to a charity of your choice. To enter visit their Facebook Page.

150 thoughts on “WIN | R1000 worth of Sloggi underwear”

  1. I just had a baby and need something sexy to put the vavavoom back into my relationship…

  2. My bra from MR Price has got the chains that ar paining me! Every day @wrk im very unconfortanble coz these chains ar really hurting! I have now realised that i can put the tissue under to feel better! I’d love for the first time in my life to wear sonething sexy and confortable… And to even feel good when i indress for man! Who knows, with my winnings, he might just get some dancings.. 🙂

    Please do me a life time favour and choose me!

  3. I would like to win the Sloggi hamper as I am tired of the panty lines and the adjusting of the bra at work and the way it makes you feel. I want to wear my cotton dress or my pants with confidence not worring about the lines. I wanna stand up tall and walk around people with pride. I work in a call center so I walk around a lot

  4. Would love to win. I just dropped a dress size. I had bridget joans diary underware now down to a size 34 and nothing fits a start of a new underware wardrope will be wonderful and so grateful 🙂

  5. New sloggi underwear? whats that can you eat it? That is the state my undergarment cupboard is in at this stage. a woman always feels sexy if she knows that she is wearing lovely underwear. so PICK ME PICK ME … pretty please? <3

  6. I would love to win the Sloggi giveaway please. I need some sexy underwear. my ‘granny’ bra’s beige and white ,yes I said Beige got to go. I need some soft,sexy underwear please pick me:)

  7. My mom introduced me to Sloggi underwear in my matric year, and I’ve been hooked since then! They’re absolutely soft and comfortable. More so, with all the surgery I’ve had, it doesn’t hurt on all my scars.

  8. Would love to win sloggi underwear it is the most comfortable , gorgeous and sexy and I love to feel sexy

  9. I would absolutely LOVE to win the Sloggi prize as I am quite a curvy young woman who always has an issue with tell-tale panty lines, making it so annoying to wear fitting skirts or pants! And of course I’d love to show my curves off, I just don’t want to have to be embarrassed about those lines! From wearing uncomfortable bras, I have experienced discomfort and tissue darkening because of the underwiring! After reading the glories about Sloggi underwear and bras, I need these in my life, to live in comfort and not worry about looking my best 🙂

  10. Sloggi underwear is super comfortable – it doesn’t even feel as if you are wearing anything (wink wink)!

  11. Ok, so I would love to win this because I have to wear a uniform to work everyday (to maintain professionalism at the HIV clinic I work at) which is well and good but is kinda soul destroying to someone who loves pretty stylish things 🙁 If I can wear some amazing sloggi underwear under the soul destroying uniform it would make me sooo much happier to know I’m combating it, although in a way that no one can see! So please let me win 🙂

  12. This is an amazing prize! id love to win this just to wear gorgeous underwear and feel fabulous:)

  13. sloggi makes you feel comfortable in your own skin and i feel confident wearing them so would love to win this because theres nothing better than Sloggi

  14. I would like to win the sloggi prize as I feel sexy and comfortable in them and I cant get enough of underwear and love feeling sexy and hot for my man….. and Sloggi sure does the trick everyday…..

  15. Being naked is a declaration of an intention, wearing sloggi is a secret. I’m a certain kind of lady that advocates mystery, feeling sexy and being comfortable in your own skin…sloggi is the skin I like.

  16. Please pick me to be your winner…
    I would do anything, even if it makes me a sinner :X

    Classy, funky, beautiful, sassy, spunky, outrageous and simply stunning are just SOME of the words to describe SLOGGI UNDERWEAR..

    It would be so amazing to win this because recently I have gone through some changes that’s left me looking and feeling SO much healthier.
    Even though no one will see my undies, it’s still of big importance to me to have amazing looking and feeling undies. WHY? Because when looking in the mirror, while in your undies, that image can either make you feel extremely confident about yourself or make you really feel down and depressed. And before I made certain changes in my life, I use to feel really down about myself and it had an effect on my social life as well. I never wanted to be around people because I felt left out.

    But enough about that buzz kill story. Back to the new me 🙂 I am now feeling so confident. I started changing my life to make my future better! I took a stand against myself.

    It would be so nice to win this amazing giveaway.
    New undies to go with my new body.

    I want. I need. I like. I want.


  17. I luv SLOGGY for da purpose of it’s comforbility & sheer elegance of “feel me gud anytime any occasion” just unfortunate for me I could never afford 2 purchase sloggy:( I can nly view & dream frm a distance whn I pass it in da shops.

  18. I would like to win this prize coz I never find perfect fit underwear coz im a DD and im 22 soo its hard to find something sexy….. and besides it would be the perfect birthday gift since my birthday is on the 6th of July

  19. I wld love to win thise sloggi because i cant afford to buy them i never won anything in life and it wld feel special for me jst to have a nice pantie and bra coz i dnt have @ the moment

  20. Pers0naly,sl0ggy pr0ducts were designd as a PERFCT-FIT,it has awes0m c0mf0rt wic makes u f33l gud b0ut urslf.it realy has a knick 2kick up a l0w s3lf esteem thrz n0 neèd 2w0ry b0ut yo cup size wit SloGGy any cup is da perfct 1f0r u..it has a unique b00stin systm

  21. In Short my Sloggy motto = Perfection, Style & Comfort in Motion – It’s impossible not to Indulge!

  22. I’d love to win sloggi, when I feel comfortable in a certain underwear I feel confident and at ease that I can buy it with my eyes closed knowing that the fit is perfect and having no regrets later…ever since I’ve first set my eyes on sloggi I new I had to own it.

  23. I would love to win this because I have quite a large bra size and I struggle to find anything cute or comfortable in 36DD. Winning this would mean that I got something my size that would fit me perfectly for once and be so cute at the same time!There is so much nice underwear out there but to find anything in my size is almost impossible.Im still young and want to feel gorgeous and sexy in underwear and this would give me a perfect chance!:)

  24. Sloggi, luxurious underwear, the feel good feeling without a care. Now you know that life is fair, I know because I own a couple pairs. When you feel good people tend to stare. Now you know it’s the Sloggi effect and not your hair. I need this hamper to complete my life, help me out and hook me up with a pair of Sloggi’s in black or white, or give me both, I’d be forever yours, a loyal subscriber, yeah I read the clause. Hell I’ll even beg, I’ll go on all fours. I love this brand, it’s quality, so here’s hoping you’re going to pick me. I need this! 🙂

  25. Just love the displays, makes me want to own these beautiful under garments because they don’t look jst beautiful but look very comfortable too…I’d really love to win them 🙂

  26. Luxurious to touch …..all I need is my sloggi undies and a pair of sexy sandals….i am good to go

  27. Don’t have comfortable underwear, would love some pairs of sloggi to feel its luxurious texture*

  28. In light of National No Panty Day today, 22 June, I’d just like to win so I’ll have underwear for all the other days in the year.

  29. I’d love to win the sloggy competition because its the only underwear that keeps me comfortable and the fabric is sexy and you feel good with sloggy , at all times compare to any other brands sloggy has the best.

  30. I would loooooooooooove to win this Sloggi giveaway. I always wear underwire bras…would ooove to try out the sloggi underwear 🙂

  31. Who said you have to choose between comfort and style, not Sloggi…so that’s why I would like to win the sloggi hamper so I can bring the wonderbra to my spanks 🙂

  32. I hsd a baby 2 months ago. All my underwear are too big now and doesn’t look good on my body any longer. Most of my money goes towards my baby and her needs. I would love to win the “feel good with Sloggi’s” competition!

  33. Wow! Just love your photos displaying the underwear with matching color shoes and jewelry….absolutely stunning! Would love to win the Sloggi underwear to boost my self confidence…such beautiful garments

  34. I would love to win the sloggy price is to spice up my marriadge. I love sloggy cause the fabric is sexy and comfortable

  35. I’d love to own sloggi under wear for it’s known for comfort. I also wish to feel the uplifting from Sloggi 🙂

  36. On the 25th April 2013, I had reconstructive surgery on both my feet due to a fall early last year, 9 weeks later with 3 operations done & dusted. I last time i put on a pair of shoes was on the 24th April…. BUT I have realized that I do not need my outer garments to be chic and sexy… All i gota do is wear my matching sloggi, cast and all… I am confident & happy in my sloggi…. Love it…

  37. Back in the year 2011, my boyfriend bought me a bright pink sloggi bra… and was I excited because it was the first branded bra I ever bought and it wasn’t expensive at all. It is affordable in every way!! It gave me the perfect boob lift and even his friends said my boobs got bigger!! I was so chuffed!! Not only that, but it felt like I didn’t even wear a bra. I felt naked!! That is how comfortable it was. Now 2 years later, 2013, I still have that bra, it has been machine washed, I wore the bra almost everyday and guess what, it is still wearable, it is still firm, I still get the boob lift and none of the pins under the cups have cut through the material. No wire or anything that pearced through the bra. If I wear that bra, it brings back a lot of student year memories. I still smile when I put it on, and I think to myself: “My first branded bra and definitely the only brand I will ever wear.” I don’t even want to try wonder bra. They don’t even have my colour… hahahaha just an excuse!! Every time I walk into a place where his friends are they still call me boobs and I even heard them talking about them. Hahahahaha thank you sloggi designers!! <3

  38. I hv never won in my life, so if i win this will be a blessing, i used enter many competition but no luck, and i like ur gift so much.

  39. It’s been a while since I bought myslef underwear and not just any underwear but a real perfect underwear. It would be such a treat for me and plus I love my curves so getting into something as perfect as Sloggi underwear would be an awesome experience

  40. I love sloggi they are perfectly fitting and no pantie lines, you feel comfortable and confident on it

  41. I la la la la love Sloggi 🙂 I bought my first Sloggi bra about 4 years ago…and truth be told its still fits and is in pretty much the same condition! So not only does Sloggi fit snugly, makes me feel sexy AND is a high quality brand. I’ll be a customer & a brand ambassador for years 😉

  42. I am such a huge fan of the Sloggi brand! Their underwear always fits perfectly, and it hardly even feels like you’re wearing anything at all (yes, I have sometimes had to double-check, hehe) That said, my current undies are in some serious need of an update after having a baby a year ago.. Let’s just say my measurements may have changed a bit! =)

    *fingers crossed*

  43. I use the sloggi no line panties and they are so comfortable so I would love to try other sloggi undies.

  44. At 35 weeks pregnant I don’t care much for the look of underwear but the feel and with sloggi you can have both and will definitely need some beautiful and comfortable undies post-pregnancy

  45. I am 35 weeks pregnant and will definitely need some beautiful and comfortable undies post-pregnancy

  46. I would love to win some Sloggie underwear! its the best and its all i wear. My friends now have even started to call me Sloggie! 🙂

  47. I would love to win because in my opinion Sloggy is by far the most comfortable undies that i’ve ever bought and being a student (busy with intern), meaning i do not earn that much and parents have cut me off their budget – I have not had the chance or the money to purchase a great fit of undies (SLOGGY) in Six months (LOL)…WINNING WOULD BE LIKE BUYING NEW UNDERWEAR…#TeamSloggy

  48. Juggling motherhood, your spouse and your career is a constant everyday struggle. Not a day goes by on easy terms. As working mothers who still must go home and become a domestic goddess, we face the challenge of trying to balance family, home and career and keeping the fire burning in the bedroom; it’s so easy to lose yourself in the process. To maintain a happy home begins in the bedroom, sloggi is perfect in helping me achieve this

  49. i want to win sloggi because it is comfy and i dont actually make time to do undie shopping lol….
    Sloggi feels like you are wearing nothing hahahha it is very comfortable and i love it.
    There are no panty lines with sloggi…i could sleep in it!!!! 🙂 i would love a spree.

  50. LOVE Sloggi! Perfect fit, stylish, gorgeous colours , ohh soo soft feeling has to be why I adore adore Sloggi. Fingers crossed for this, need some Sloggi undies

  51. Because I love Sloggi! ♥ ♥ ♥
    They are comfortable, great quality and unique!
    I love all the different types and colours!
    You just feel sexy in them!
    I would love to win!

  52. I reeeeeeally need to go underwear shopping soon! And winning this would be so perfect right now! Sloggi underwear is seriously crazy comfortable, just love it!
    *fingers crossed*

  53. i absolutely LOVE Sloggi, its comfy and stylish. i believe that good undies, especially a bra can make a women feel like she can take over the world! Sloggi has done a great service to all women, and i am in desperate need of some new stunning undies! and what could be better than Sloggi?? so please choose me!

  54. I would truelly appreciate winning this. As underwear is below my budget and for that I had to get me a bra last year that no name and is close to worn out.
    Winning would mean the world to me and give me a new found confidence at the same time.

  55. Theres not better feeling than that feeling you get when you put on a underwear that fits well and suits you.
    No matter who you are or what your body shape is, slipping into sexy and comfortable underwear will give you such a confidence boost. Being curvy, its difficult for me to find underwear that is comfortable while still being attractive.
    I absolutely love that feeling and I would love to win this competition so that I can feel that way all the time

  56. I love Sloggi! <3 I mean what is not to love about comfortable, sexy, best quality ever <3 I would sooo love to struct my stuff in some brand spanking new lingerie by sloggi <3 After all, when a lady wears decent, proper fitting and comfortable lingerie, she feels sexy! This will be beyond epic to win this! I'm in desperate need of of some decent fitting lingerie atm! <3 <3 Please, please, please pick me 😀

  57. This is honestly THE best underwear. The fit hugs your hips in a way no other panty does, and the fabric makes it feel like it’s barely there! Usually us girls have the “everyday pair” which is usually comfy but is so not appealing to the eye that leaves that dreadful visible panty line; then we have out “weekender pair” which may hide the panty line and look great – but is SO UNCOMFY. Sloggi is the best of both worlds 😀 Then you get the bras which is ABSOLUTELY soft and comfy – it feels as if it cuddles you :O
    I would love to build my collection as I only own one set 🙁

    I <3 sloggi and this excellent blog

  58. I would LOVE to win some Sloggi underwear as it is the best underwear around! Soooo comfy and beautiful! I’m sure the man in my life would appreciate it too! xxx

  59. A colleague of mine needs some encouragement. She’s been helping another sick colleague of ours and now that other sick colleague has passed away.. It’s been depressing for most of us but mostly for my other colleague as she was the one closest to her. I think this might just help to pick her up and mostly to show that I am thinking of her… it’s hard to encourage someone when they are going through…

  60. Its one of the best underwears to wear,makes you Confident in whatever outfit you wearing.Sloggi is my first choice of underwear.I recommend it to most of my friends and I confidently show off with them,so comfortable and I would be over the Moon to be chosen as a winner “Sloggi 4 life what more can I ask 4” 😉

  61. I’m just an ordinary girl longing for Sloggi underwear so as to be unique and different!

  62. Sloggi is by far the best underwear ever. Since I started wearing sloggi no other brand appeals to me . Plus, it would be the absolute best belated birthday gift ever 😀

  63. Having walked around the Sloggi lingerie display this weekend, I am once again convinced that Sloggi is undoubtedly one of the favourite, if not THE favourite lingerie a woman could want. Affordable luxury – their softness and sexy feel are just one of the reasons why I feel like a million bucks when I wear Sloggi underwear.
    I always maintain that it’s what you wear under your clothes that makes you feel confident and sexy, no matter what the top layer looks like. It’s a little secret we ladies share – our sexy underwear! Having seen and felt the undergarments this weekend, I can only but smile happily and agree with the rest – pick me, pick me because I absolutely ♥Sloggi♥ !

  64. Hi, I need that Sloggi bra’s because I’m married for 6 years never had a honeymoon. My husband decided that his going to book us in, in a hotel. And the Sloggi underwear would be my present to my husband on that night. Because we never get time alone. Thanks BIG fan of Sloggi

  65. I would love to win because I believe that Fashion starts from the inside out , so many ladies out there may not have the ideal figure , may not be able to wear fashion and/or trend clothing and yet we can all feel sexy we we wear the right under wear no matter what our shape or size.

    Many a memorable night with the man of your dreams whether it be your husband or otherwise will always carry your mind back to what you wore … your lacy little number if you will!

    So yes I am curvaceous and would love to feel sexy from the inside out 🙂

  66. I would love to win ! Every girl loves sexy underwear which gives then confidence. Since losing weight this year I haven’t felt very confident. I always have a problem finding bras that look good , sexy and the right size for me . Would love to win this and be and feel totally sexy and confident

  67. I desperately need new underware:( The only underware that actually lasts and fits properly is my Sloggi stuff! So would LOVE to add some more treasures to my collection!:)

  68. Having to be a super mum and wife who works plus got to attend 2 families needs, I tend to neglect myself. Everyone else comes before me. I have recently been feeling sooooo down and feel that I need a huge confidence! Winning a Sloggi Hamper will definately fast track my confidence and self esteem.

  69. PICK ME! PICK ME! Please! 🙂 any women loves beautiful underwear and shoes – but I love it even more! 🙂 🙂

  70. I would LOVE to win the prize because not only is Sloggi’s underwear Sexy, Funky and Stylish its extremely comfortable “like you have nothing on”! Underwear to fit every occasion…you can never have enough.

  71. sexy sexy and more sexier with the sloggi underwear. they are very comfortable and they don’t show on your tight fit dress. I love I love I love and yes I would love to win 1 of sloggi’s giveaway

  72. I would love to win this Sloggi Hamper my day, month and year will be made. Sloggi has the only Bra’s that really fit me so well, I love the variety of colours they use their underwear is so fun, cute and most of all super comfortable. Huge fan of Sloggi would love this giveaway.

    Stunning images love the way you matched each set super and classy. 🙂

    Please Pick me 🙂 😉

  73. I am about to become a wife! I would love some beautiful Sloggi underwear to remind my husband to be just why we are getting married! 😉

  74. Knowing the great quality of Sloggi! i wud be honored to wear this awesome brand! The designs,colors are the best and i wud love to win! Wearing Sloggi will definitely boast my confidence & make me feel sexy! my confidence has realli been bruised lately and this will be the perfect “Pick Me Up”

  75. I would LOVE to win this because I absolutely adore Sloggi unerwear because it is so comfortable yet so stylish at the same time! I also desperately need a new underwear wardrobe so this would be the perfect thing for me!

  76. To be honest, I have been searching all these years for comfortable underwear specially bra`s because i have big breasts and it was never easy finding sexy underwear. Sloggi has got it all, i can picture myself in those sexy underwear and i could never spoil myself with nice bra`s because they are always so expensive. I hope and pray that im the lucky lady to win the prize!

  77. They comfy, sexy and would just be awesome around my new curves that I have being growing with my 1st bundle of joy on my body, with my body going through changes I want to keep it comfortable and sexy at the same time.

  78. Sloggi’s underwears are a comfortable sexy and beautifull courlerd design. I would wear a pair when I have a new boyfriend so I can look more confident and sexy!!!! They bring confidence

  79. I would love to win sloggi clothing because as im pregnant right now i wont be able to use my old underwears especially bras so i really need sloggi bras and i know i will be comfortable with them even when i have to breastfeed my baby i wont have any shyness. It will be a difficult time for me to buy new things for myself, i have to look after the baby’s needs afterall especially without a job that is why i need to win myself sloggi clothing underwears. I really love to use sloggi because other designer labelled underwear cant carry well, i would feel pains on shoulders because of the quality of their product which is not guaranteed of its quality unlike high qualited,comfortable and sophisticated sloggi clothing. Keep it up sloggi with your high quality you offer your customers and i will stick by you because of the satisfaction. Thank you.

  80. I’m a single mother and really don’t get the chance to buy decent underwear. I received a set of sloggi underwear and its awesome, super comfortable and it looks so good on me. I can see myself only buying and wearing sloggi, once my little one is off the diaper, LOL

  81. I just love Sloggi underwear they control all the areas that needs controlling, feels comfortable and still feels sexy and makes my clothing fit well. 😉

  82. Hi, I am a 23 years old young lady, I was raised by my grandmother due to my parents getting a divorce when I was young and my mom passed on when I was 15. Its not easy growing up without your mom..I never got the chance to go shopping with my mom for bra’s so I don’t know much about how to choose a good and comfortable bra..I’m still a student so I don’t have the money to buy new bra’s every now and them. I would really appreciate it, if I was considered for the opportunity to win..thanks!!

  83. Nothing like a fabulous comfy and sexy pair of underwear to make you feel super confident! Sloggi is extremely comfortable and comes in the brightest colours, I cannot help but smile when I put them on! And who can pass up on sexy underwear:)

  84. Here’s my reasons why I’d love to win the Sloggi giveaway:

    1) 4 bras: this will add to my go-to, utmost favourite, shocking pink bra I can’t, but definitely have to, throw away! What better way to replace my old one with 4 beautifully designed Sloggie bra’s?

    2) 4 hipster briefs: the ultimate wear anywhere underwear. 4 Sloggi hipster briefs, YES please x4!

    3) 6 g-strings!: a girl’s got to have a few g-strings in her cupboard for those clothing pieces that just can’t work with normal underwear.

    This is as good as ‘free underwear for 2 years’ LOL!

    Sloggi has been one of my favourites since my teens, love the brand.


  85. I would love to win sloggi underware coz I am a full figured girl and struggle to find comfortable underware and have heard that sloggi is 1 of the best……

  86. I would love to win sloggi underware coz I’m a full figured girl and I can never find underware to sit comfortable and have heard that sloggi is 1 of the best……..

  87. I’ve always had a confidence problem. When I wear comfortable, sexy underwear like sloggi I just feel good and the confidence level increases. I’m newly married and would love to “parade” for my hubby. I liked sloggis fb page and following them on twitter too. Please pick me 🙂

  88. When you wear sexy underwear that’s also comfy you exude a certain confidence knowing you look and feel great underneath your clothes ,even though no one else may know it.

    I’m entering the workplace again after a year long intense period of training and studies and I can think of nothing better but gorgeous sloggi underwear that will give me that secret sexy confident boost I need! 🙂

  89. I have always struggled with weight my whole life and my bras do not last me long. Because of my increased cup size, my mother stopped seeing the need in buying me bras. I now only have 3 bras that fit me and will probably be worn out by the end of the year. I have 3 sloggy bras that I bought 2 years ago that are two cup sizes too small:( I’d really like new ones cause they are so comfortable, plus I need bras! They are suitable for day wear and evening wear which makes them awesome 🙂 😀

  90. Being a young single mother for quiet some time. Giving my everything to be the perfect mom, daughter n person I totally neglect myself. It would be loved n appreciated to just feel like woman again. To have that confidence from the skin up. And also a perfect bday gift!

  91. Well all I can say is that I’m an unemployed mother and if no when I get a job I would like to feel sexy with the best underwear I have ever felt. My mother always told me it doesn’t matter what clothes you have on as long as you underwear looks good you will always feel good.

  92. I would LOVE Sloggi undies because I NEED them. Sloggi is the perfect underwear for me. ♡♡♡

  93. I recently lost a lot of weight due to illness. But don’t feel sexy…. I would love to win to get new lingerie to make me feel sexy and feel good again…..

  94. I would love to win….. I recently lost a lot of weight due to illness so I would love to get new lingerie to feel sexy again and to show off my new body

  95. I really want to win this exciting price of slogging undies cause the last tym i got myself new underware was when i was still working nd i believe that a woman shuld get herself new undies every month to feel gud abt herself nd since im no more working i dont no when last i bought myself new underware….pls pick me for that great prize

  96. I really like Sloggi underwear! The only bras I ever buy, would be great to have some nice panties too!! I am just about to replace my underwear as its looking a bit tired (too many times through the washing machine with the kids school uniforms!!). The twin packs great value, Foschini staff very helpful about recommending Sloggi & finding the best size!!

  97. I think the a girls best asset is her confidence, by wearing sloggi underwear, i can speak from experience that it makes me feel great therefore making my confidence shine. It is due to sloggis ability to make you feel comfotable with what you are wearing as well as sexy at the same time 🙂 I hope to win this competition so that my confidence can continue to shine !

  98. This sounds like an absolutely amazing prize! I always oogle the Sloggi section of department stores and would love love love to be able to own some of this gorgeousness!

  99. omg! Sloggi underwear are absolutely DIVINE!! they make every women feel extra comfortable, sexy and strong. Having the right support sets the tone for the rest of your day, giving you a fresh, confident or fiery head-start. The sloggi range suits every girl to women’s body and caters for every need. They are simply the best! The photos of the two staple colours shown here are graphically amazing and sum up the experience of being female and enjoying our secret luxury- Sloggi

  100. They come in great colors and are the most comfortable underwear I have ever worn. Its sexy and makes me feel sexy love it !

  101. i lost some weight so now i need gr8 underwear that will fit and look gr8 on me.No better way that using Sloggi!!!!

  102. with a new baby delivered few days ago and new body that i am working hard to have after the baby, sloggi would be a perfect present to my soon newly found figure. with the quality and style you would make me even forget about the scars i have after the c section.

  103. I was introduce to sloggi underwear 2 years ago by my friend since then its my favourite it makes me feel sexy and free. I would love to win the hamper

  104. I just love the feel and fit of the fabric. Also the designs are super sexy that when you wear them you get the feeling of being this super sexy goddess. Best ever undies.

  105. Im the kindv girl who belongs in this line
    Im feminine, fearless and effortlessly sublime
    Sloggie was made for the girl who knows
    she’s unique and a goddess from her head to her toes
    quietly confident, bright and bold
    Just like this range… it goes without being told
    I am for sloggie and sloggie is for me
    “seamlessly” flowing towards my destiny.

  106. I believe dt u wearin a lovely pair of undrwear it brngs out de confidence in u, it enhances de beauty insyd bt u showing it on de outsyd&wit a pair of sloggy underwear it does jst dt…

  107. Sloggi makes the absolute best underwear! Not only is it incredibly comfortable but its looks as good as it feels! Anyday that I have my sloggi underwear on is a good day, there’s no need to worry about lines no matter what you have on which makes me feel comfortable and confident all day.

  108. I would really love to win because I am a huge fan of sloggy and well (its my husbands birthday on the 24th and I would like to surprise him with a lift something something). Besides my obsession with the brand and the birthday coming up, it would be nice to win competition…..
    Sloggy Totally Rocks!!!!

  109. Not only does sloggi underwear look good but it also feels good on your body. Am always comfortable in my sloggi underwear. As I don’t worry about panty lines. For years I have support the brand and introduced a few friend to the brand. So it will be nice to win the hamper 🙂

  110. Wow, would love some pretty new underwear and the fact that its Sloggi is even better, nothing better than wearing pretty underwear, my draw looking a bit sad at the moment.

  111. loving all the heartfelt comments sloggi girls! don’t forget to like us on facebook to max your chance of winning. good luck! x

  112. I need underwear desperately! My last sloggie undies got stolen when I stayed at my friend! They are the best ever, the mot comfortable, as I am not working I have been unable to replace them

  113. For the past few months I have been working my a** off to get into shape and look and feel GREAT; not only for myself, but for my man too! He’s helped me every step of the way, and more importantly has had to deal with my moods which I know has been no easy task! Up until now I’ve always been very self conscious about my body, but with the hard work, determination, and amazing support, I’m getting there!
    I’d love to win this Sloggi hamper so that both him and I get to enjoy it together 😉

  114. What can I say… I LOVE GORGEOUS LINGERIE! And I have been a TOTAL FAN of Sloggi since launch. It is by far super comfortable, perfect fit on my body, A-MAZING barely there feel when wearing it and excellent quality. I feel underwear is the single most important adornment that could make or break an outfit AND not too mention make you feel SO confident which = MAJOR SEX APPEAL!! Would LURVVVE to win!

  115. Would love to win as I have lost 22kg and now can feel sexy again and this would be an awesome way to celebrate

  116. I would love to win because I recently started a new healthy lifestyle programme, and in addition to losing weight, I look and feel great with a renewed sense of self confidence and love for my body. This would be so lovely as it is exactly what I need to compliment the new, and improved me! A little sexy can only make me feel even greater!

    Please pick me 🙂

    • I would love to win Sloggi underware they havethe best colours and designs, practical and still beautiful and i never get to treat myself to great new underware

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