WIN OptiPhi Eyesigns Active Gel + Protect The Canvas Suncreen

StyleSociety has teamed up with optiphi to bring our readers some really fabulous giveaways over the next few months. This month we will be giving away both the optiphi Eyesigns Active Gel and optiphi Protect The Canvas sunscreen.

The optiphi Skin Rejuvenation Range is designed to address the mechanisms of aging and protect your skin against the effect of free radical and environmental damage.

optiphi employs optimum concentrations of active ingredients which work in synergy to assist your skin on a cellular level.

OptiPhi Eyesigns Active Gel
OptiPhi Eyesigns Active Gel

The optiphi Eyesigns Active Gel is a versatile all in one complete eye care treatment product. A light, quick penetrating gel delivering high concentrations of actives that focuses on correcting the signs of aging specific to the eye area; reducing dark circles and puffiness.

OptiPhi Protect The Canvas
OptiPhi Protect The Canvas

The optiphi Protect the Canvas is a sun protection cream that acts as a reliable broad spectrum UV filter – it provides SPF30 protection and assists in reducing the signs of photo-aging.

Innovative. Active. Scientific Skincare

The optiphi range is available at salons and spas countrywide.

The Giveaway : WIN a OptiPhi Beauty hamper
optiphi Eyesigns Active Gel   (20ml) : Retail Price – R 754.11
optiphi Protect the Canvas     (30ml) : Retail Price – R 439.90

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Question: What is your best-kept beauty secret?

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32 thoughts on “WIN OptiPhi Eyesigns Active Gel + Protect The Canvas Suncreen”

  1. Worry not about splurging money on beauty products when u can make them at home. For example Dry Rooibos leaves (from the tea bag) together with sugar granules and a bit of honey make an excellent exfoliator! Gently rub onto skin using a slice of cold tomato. Skin is left feeling soft and translucent.

  2. Be the best I can be. I am beautiful because I am a wonderful person on the inside and out. I drink plenty water throughout the day, I eat fresh fruit and veggies. I walk home from workevery afternoon, take me 50 minutes but it is part of my stay fit plan.

  3. To cleanse my face morning and evening and apply the appropriate cream. To also exfoliate my skin.

  4. My secret is natural coconut oil 🙂 it works wonders on my face leaving it clear, soft and replenished also for body and hair!

  5. Green tea. 3cups a day. Not only does it have its health benefits, but it leaves your skin beautiful, body healthier and keeps your teeth healthy, fighting tooth decay & keeping your breath fresher for longer

  6. I stick to an easy quick daily routine using quality products suited for my skin type. I only use make up on special occassions and prefer to keep things as natural as possible.
    My biggest secret is that I exfoliate only 2 a month and very gently. That minimizes damagge to my skin and keeps it looking fresh and clean !

  7. My best kept secret is to rest when I can on the weekends to re-focus, always use a moisturizer on my body & at least a 30SPF on my face every day & to enjoy life as much as I can!

  8. Drinking plenty of water, eating fresh fruit and vegetables. I need to be healthy inside to look great on the outside.

  9. My best kept beauty secret.iI drink lots of water to keep my skin hydrated.I always use a sunscreen. Never walk in the sun without a hat.

  10. My best kept secret is that when I forget to take along my toner with me when away from home, a quick dash to the store to buy rosewater, does the trick! It leaves your skin clean and refreshed and smooth as ever!

  11. Never to sleep with your make up on and the most important of all secrets that isnt a secret at all DRINKING YOUR 2 LITRES of water per day!

  12. Sleep! A good solid nights sleep is hard to come by with babies around, but it is vital to refresh and renew the skin!

  13. Without a doubt a good SPF…. or a sun hat… but I shouldn’t forget about my man (he told me to say this) … “he is the only thing keeping me young and if I ever leave him I’ll turn into a cloud of dust and poof… disappear” *shaking my head*

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