Personified, StyleSociety® is the archetypal “Style Maven” bringing you a curation of Style in all forms.

The Styleologist

Kumari Govender | Female Entrepreneur | BizBuzz Magazine

Kumari Govender is the quintessential fashionista. A Tastemaker, Curator of Style and the creative force behind the South African Fashion Brand, StyleSociety®.

Widely interviewed for her distinctive wardrobe statements, coveted for her canny ability to predict market trends and respected for the ease with which she can create brand interest through her thoughtfully vetted recommendations, Kumari is a one women army who has seduced a whole generation of style mavens with her piercing fashion insights, her insider style secrets and spot-on recommendations.

Uniquely positioned with years of experience behind her, Kumari has enjoyed a fashionable career as a stylist dressing everyone from size zero models to overworked mums. Kumari built up a sterling reputation for her StyleSociety® brand through her flawlessly executed style events and styling services across Cape Town.

With over 20 years of experience in the fashion and styling industry, Kumari knows that every woman wants to look and feel effortlessly fabulous. StyleSociety is like having your own personal stylist.

STYLE EVENTS         POP UP BOUTIQUES   ◦    Est. 2010

In The Spotlight

Kumari’s endeavours reflect her meticulousness and intuitive understanding of what appeals to her target market. As a result, she has received a whirlwind of publicity for her various fashion campaigns, pop-up boutiques and her witty yet insightful critiques of everything chic. From lavishly appreciative reviews to critically acclaimed gestures of social responsibility like Fashion For Literacy to ‘day in the life of’ coverages by national teams, Kumari has been the face embodying the sterling reputation of StyleSociety®


Let’s Get Social 

Kumari Govender has seduced a whole generation of style mavens with her piercing fashion insights, her spot on recommendations, and her over the top style events which epitomize plushness and exclusivity.

Kumari is considered a trusted curator of the latest in FASHION, BEAUTY, TRAVEL and emerging trends and the StyleSociety® reader-base has always reacted positively to her recommendations. This circle of influence is her premium asset and translates into a spike in brand interest and sales opportunities for her clients.

Media Policy

“I only feature Products that I have personally Tried, Tested or Purchased.”

Kumari reserves the right to be highly selective in the brands that she endorses. Integrity and transparency are the tenets governing Kumari’s work. She features purchased products and sponsored offerings under appropriate labels, bringing to her readers only the experiences she enjoys.

Kumari also works in close collaboration with talented local designers to establish a culture of sustainability in the South African fashion domain. Synonymous with quality, Kumari involves herself only with a handful of clients who gel with her sterling reputation and legacy of curating excellence.

Collaborate with Kumari as she curates THE BEST IN FASHION, BEAUTY, TRAVEL AND INTERIORS through digital, editorial and social platforms.


“I prefer unprecedented marketing, moving beyond traditional media routes when engaging with my ever-growing audience, and would love to collaborate with brands that appeal to my readers.”

Please direct all collaboration, advertising and media related queries to Kumari in writing by using the form below.

Introduce yourself, your brand and your concept of what you’d like to achieve from this collaboration. Mention the types of content, the timing of your campaign, and your budget together with any other specifics. Please include your full name and a contact number.

Giving is back in Style

Fashion For Literacy - Kusasa Project
Fashion For Literacy – Kusasa Project
Est. 2015

The Fashion For Literacy initiative is the brainchild of Kumari Govender, inspired by Madiba’s 67 minutes. Fashion For Literacy helps you make an impact through charitable giving and allows you to see results well beyond your investment. Education transforms the future of our children giving them a chance at an improved standard of living.
Find out how you can contribute here

Avant-Garde Moves

Acutely insightful yet willing to experiment to strike the right balance of innovation and return on investment Kumari through her work with a plethora of ventures has established her signature style when it comes to marketing and brand placement.

Kumari heralded the era of the pop-up boutique in 2010. Since then the various iterations of this landmark event in Cape Town have garnered tremendous media attention and have left prestigious brands vying for a display spot in front of the tide of discerning yet eager buyers who flock in response to the siren call of Kumari’s invitation and the prospect of meeting and greeting their favourite designers.

Kumari curates stimulating experiences for her readers and brand awareness for her clients. To this effect she has also organised glitzy online parties, flagged off exciting style hunts and co-ordinated fashion flash mobs; all as part of her ‘bigger, bolder and better’ marketing policy.

An influencer to the influencers with immense credibility, Kumari can help your brand by:

Consulting as an image enhancer who can modify your value proposition, your marketing collateral and your business voice to resonate deeply with your target market. Crafting promotional strategies, marketing pitches and social media campaigns which are unique. Mentoring and equipping you with the means to succeed amongst the cut-throat competition.

Positioning it as a desirable choice for the power purchasers she interacts with on a daily basis (please read up on our Media Policy above to establish whether your brand and offerings fit the StyleSociety compliance model). You might just find your products brushing shoulders with royally extravagant cult beauty desirables.



Brands Kumari Has Worked With






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